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IGL Ecoclean PreCoat 100 ml.

Give your ceramic coating a clean slate!

IGL Ecoclean PreCoat was designed to completely strip the surface of your paint of all the oils and greases that collect on the surface either during routine use or after paint correction processes. IGL Ecoclean PreCoat uses citrus cleaner agents that will break-up the waxes, oils, and greases on a molecular level and break the bond they have with your paint, making them easy to wipe off. IGL Ecoclean PreCoat will wipe away without streaking to ensure that surface of your paint is perfectly prepared for a ceramic or silica coating!

Ceramic-based and silica-based coatings are quickly become the go to protection product in the car detailing industry. These durable and long-lasting coatings provide an unprecedented level of protection when compared to the traditional natural and synthetic waxes of previous eras of car care. However, these coatings, while extremely effective, are extremely finnicky and temperamental when it comes to the condition of the surface to which they are being applied. Even the smallest amount of oil, grease, or polishing residue will prevent the coating from properly bonding and greatly reduce the life-time of the product. IGL Ecoclean PreCoat will allow you to strip all these substances that would interfere with the application of your coating, leaving a perfectly prepped surface behind!
Get your painted surfaces ready for coating with IGL Ecoclean PreCoat!

IGL Ecoclean PreCoat accomplishes this incredibly difficult task thanks to its natural, citrus-based cleaner agents that break up the bond that these oils, waxes, greases, and residues create with your paint. Once these bonds are broken, the oils are longer capable of sticking to your paint, making them easy to wipe away with the use of a simple microfiber towel.

Often, with similar products, the product will dry too quickly after application. This means that there is not adequate lubrication when you attempt to wipe the surface clean. The result of this would be long, ugly streaks covering the surface of your paint. This is not exactly the surface you want to seal in with a coating. IGL Ecoclean PreCoat however, will not dry as quickly as comparable products, meaning that it will wipe away much more easily and streak-free!

1. Spray IGL Ecoclean PreCoat directly on the surface with an even application. Wipe the product away with a clean microfiber towel.
2. Fold the cloth and wipe again. Repeat the again for a 3rd time.

100 ml. | 3.3 oz.

IGL Ecoclean PreCoat 100 ml.

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IGL Ecoclean PreCoat 100 ml.