How To Protect Your Vehicle in Just Minutes?

How To Protect Your Vehicle in Just Minutes?

As detailers, we love protecting our car from the elements and giving our car a glossy shine. However, that process can take a lot of time that most of us just don't have in today's world! Because of this, we are always looking for ways to speed up the process and tackle multiple different tasks at once. The best example of this is trying to find a way to quickly apply protection to our car during the washing process. If you are like every other detailer in the world, you have probably asked yourself...

How Can You Protect Your Vehicle While Washing in Just Minutes?

You can do this by using a spray-on SiO2 protectant like BLACKFIRE HydroSeal! Unlike a lot of spray sealants/waxes out there, BLACKFIRE HydroSeal is much easier to apply and only takes MINUTES to coat your entire car in a glossy layer of protection that can last months! Spend minutes, get months! It doesn't get easier or better than that!

Let's get into all the different benefits of using BLACKFIRE HydroSeal during your washing process:

It can be applied to the entire car in just minutes
Unlike most spray sealant/waxes you've used the in the past, BLACKFIRE HydroSeal doesn't need to be spread out or buffed off by hand after spraying it on. All that you need to do is spray it onto your car while it's still wet from being washed and then simply spray it with water again to level it! Because you don't have to work panel by panel, spraying it on and buffing it off, you are saving yourself a ton of time!

It works on any type of surface on your car's exterior
While your car's paint is the most noticeable exterior surface, it is not the only one that you want to protect. Because BLACKFIRE HydroSeal works on every type of exterior surface, you can protect your entire car all in one quick and easy step!

It provides hydrophobic protection
Your car can't get messy if the mess can't stick to your car. The hydrophobic protection that BLACKFIRE HydroSeal provides makes the exterior of your car extremely slick. This makes it much more difficult for dirt, mud, road grime, and tar to stick to the surface. It even prevents water from sticking around! Because BLACKFIRE HydroSeal makes the surface resist water, you will be able to dry your car effortless by using a blower rather than towel drying it! Even if you do towel dry it though, you will notice that it will only take a single pass to dry up all the water from the surface!

It creates intense gloss
Protecting your car is important, but as detailers, we also want to make sure our car looks as nice as possible too! The layer of protection that BLACKFIRE HydroSeal applies is also extremely glossy! So your car will not only be protected, but also look amazing as well!

It can last months
We as humans tend to always ask, "What's the catch?" If something is so easy and fast to apply, provides intense gloss, and protects your car from the elements, that means it probably only lasts for a week at most, right? WRONG! BLACKFIRE HydroSeal uses SiO2, the same ingredient most ceramic coatings use, to protect your car! SiO2 is an extremely durable and long-lasting substance! So, even though it's quick, easy, and effective, BLACKFIRE HydroSeal can still protect your car for MONTHS!

It's time that you start giving yourself and your car a break from the countless hours of washing and waxing every other week! Let BLACKFIRE HydroSeal make your washing process easier, faster, and more effective than ever before!