How To Properly Maintain a Ceramic Coated Vehicle

How To Properly Maintain a Ceramic Coated Vehicle

Anyone who is interested understands the benefits of a ceramic coating. They provide a high level of protection that lasts much longer than any wax or sealant on the market! What many don't understand though is that ceramic coatings are not a product you can apply and forget about. They need to be maintained just like any other protection product you put on your car. If you don't maintain a coating, its lifetime will be greatly reduced, the protection it provides will be noticeably less, and you will have to spend a lot more to reapply it if it does fail. Now the question you may be asking now is...

How do you properly maintain a ceramic coated vehicle?

Well, it is not as difficult as you may think! In fact, a lot of the steps you need to do are things that you probably already do on a regular basis anyway, you just need to use the proper products! In this video, Justin Labato and Bruno Massel take you through the process of properly maintaining a ceramic coated vehicle, using the BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating Wash and BLACKFIRE SiO2 Spray Sealant. From applying the coating wash to adding the SiO2 protection, this process can be completed by both professional detailers and enthusiasts alike. The application is easy, and it will keep your car clean and shiny!

There are many ways to maintain a ceramic coating. The most important thing to understand are the dos and don'ts of ceramic coating maintenance!


  • Wash your car by hand!

– Washing your car by hand greatly reduces the risk of swirls and other marring.

– Make sure to use a wash that is both pH-balanced and infused with ceramic qualities to boost the existing protection of your coating! BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating Wash is the perfect car shampoo to use!

  • Boost the protection of your coating!

– Using a product like BLACKFIRE SiO2 Spray Sealant every month or so will boost the protection and gloss of your ceramic coating.

– BLACKFIRE SiO2 Spray Sealant contains the same active ingredients as most ceramic coatings, SiO2. This will replace any silica that your coating has lost due to wear!


  • Take your coated car through a car wash!

– Most car washes use friction from brushes to clean your car. These brushes will scratch and mar the surface of your coating, ruining the gloss.

– Even touchless car washes can be harmful! These car washes use very aggressive chemicals to clean the car. And these chemicals can take away the repellency of your coating.

  • Apply your coating and forget it!

– Ceramic coatings will degrade quickly if they are not properly maintained. The elemental hazards of the road will quickly degrade and ruin your coating.

By properly maintaining your coating, you are not just ensuring you get the advertised lifetime of the product, but you may even exceed that lifetime! And considering that maintaining your coating takes no longer than the time it takes you to normally wash your car, there is no reason not to do it!