High Speed Rotary Polisher Backing Plates

Our high speed rotary polisher backing plates are built to withstand the speed and heat generated by rotary polishers without breaking a sweat!

Backing plates provide balance, grip, and heat resistance to ensure uniform results on auto paint with no buffer marks or burns. A subpar backing plate can wobble or break down, resulting in holograms or even damaged paint. Our high speed rotary polisher backing plates perform under pressure and help you achieve professional quality results. These ultra tough rotary backing plates are constructed of durable urethane with sturdy molded plastic center plates for stability. A variety of sizes are available to suit your polishing and compounding needs. Each backing plate has hook and loop fasteners to provide a secure grip on pads.

Choose from Meguiars backing plates, Lake Country backing plates, 3M backing plates and more to fit polishers by Makita, FLEX, DeWalt, Craftsman, Milwaukee, and many others. For double-sided pads, we have rotary adapters designed to fit high speed rotary buffers.