GYEON Q2M Tire Review & How-To Guide

50/50 shot of GYEON Q2M Tire application.

What is it? Q² Tire is the only quartz-based tire sealant

What does it do? Restores and maintains a deep, dark black look to tire sidewalls.

When do I use it? After first thoroughly cleaning tires using GYEON Q2M TireCleaner.

Why should I use it? To Seals the tire surface to help prevent aging, fading and browning. Creates a super hydrophobic surface that repels and beads-up water like a paint coating. Dries to the touch for a non-greasy surface. Super hydrophobic surface keeps tires cleaner longer in-between normal washing and also makes washing faster and easier.

There are so many tire products on the market!

It's true. There are a plethora of tire dressings and tire coatings on the market today and this can make it hard to finalize and select the right tire dressing for your tastes. When people ask me for a recommendation for any product my general answer is to pick an established brand with a great reputation. Check that box - GYEON is an established brand with a GREAT reputation for all their products.

Disclaimer: I've never used either the GYEON TireCleaner or the Q2M Tire SiO2 Coating, so I'm not sure what to expect but here's what I do know. Just like so many aspects of correctly detailing a car and getting great results - the end results are always dependent upon the PREP WORK. Yeah I know, no one likes to hear that. We all want everything to be quick and easy. But that's not the case with most things in life and it's certainly true when it comes to detailing tires.

First Step - GYEON Q2M TireCleaner

The first step to getting great results with any tire dressing or tire coating starts with getting the tire thoroughly clean. I've never used the GYEON Q2M TireCleaner but I was IMPRESSED with how well it worked. Sorry I don't have any pictures of the process but time was limited. Here's what I saw though - as you spray the tire cleaner onto the tire sidewall you could see the tire browning peel or strip away. I tend to work by machine as much as I can and tire cleaning is no exception. I used an Aqua Carpet Brush in a cordless drill and together with the Q2M TireCleaner I made quick work of getting all 4 tires clean and ready for the GYEON Q2M Tire SiO2 Coating.

Test Car

Here's my project car - a 1935 Chevy Sedan Streetrod. This car is here for a full exterior detail and it has PERFECT tires for this review.

Test car for GYEON Q2M Tire Review

AFTER Cleaning

These are some ugly tires. I machine scrubbed the heck out of them and most of the time after a thorough machine cleaning with a great tire cleaner you end up with dull looking tires but at least they are dull BLACK looking tires? I'm not sure what's up with the rubber used for these tires but no matter how many times I cleaned them this is as good as I could get them.

Tire before cleaning.

Yes - these are clean. As clean as I could get them...

Tire after cleaning.

Tire after cleaning ready to be coated.

KISS - Keep it Simple Simon

I know these small, round yellow foam wax applicators are a tick on the wimpy side for applying tire dressings but I know from experience the foam is going to get torn up and anything I use I'll probably dispose of so I don't want to invest a lot of money into applicators for this type of work.

Hand Pump The GYEON tire coating comes with a handy hand pump on the top of the bottle and this is a nice feature as it's clean way to dispense the product directly onto your applicator pad.

Close up shot of GYEON Q2M Tire next to tire.

Application by hand is pretty straightforward - apply some product to the applicator pad and then apply and massage over the tire sidewall.

Applying GYEON Q2M Tire by hand.

Instant Black Results!

Whatever is in this product it instantly turned the ugly tire sidewalls a very deep dark black.

50/50 shot of GYEON Q2M Tire application.

Close up shot of 50/50 GYEON Q2M Tire application.

Close up shot of GYEON Q2M Tire being applied by hand.

50/50 shot of GYEON Q2M Tire application.

Close up 50/50 shot of tire with coating applied.

Machine Application

In the same way I like to machine scrub tires I also like to machine apply dressings and coatings, when possible. Unlike us wimpy human beings - machines never get tires and in most cases this means more consistent and uniform results no matter what the process.

GYEON Q2M Tire with pump applicator.

To machine apply this tire coating I grabbed a plastic bowl out of the break room and pumped a few squirts of the coating into the bowl.

GYEON Q2M Tire in bowl before maching application.

Bowl of GYEON Q2M Tire before machine application.

Grey Upholstery Brush

I've removed the Aqua brush for scrubbing and replaced it with a grey brush, which is softer and less aggressive. This will work GREAT to work the coating into all the siping as well as irregular surfaces found on a tire sidewall.

Machine application of GYEON Q2M Tire.

Real simply - dip the brush into the bowl to get some coating onto the ends of the bristles.

Applying GYEON Q2M Tire on machine applicator.

Then let the machine take over...

Machine application of GYEON Q2M Tire.

Machine Application of GYEON Q2M Tire.

Speed Drying

I also like to use the MetroVac Blaster Sidekick to blast the coating into all the tiny intricate areas as well as to help speed dry the coating.

Speed drying tires with Metro Blaster Sidekick.

Love this tool.... everyone should have one in their detailing tool arsenal.

Speed drying with Metro Blaster Sidekick.

Speed drying with Metro Blaster Sidekick.

Freaking incredible results!

After shot of GYEON Q2M Tire.

After shot of GYEON Q2M Tire.

After shot of GYEON Q2M Tire.

After shot of GYEON Q2M Tire.

After shot of GYEON Q2M Tire.

After shot of GYEON Q2M Tire.

After shot of GYEON Q2M Tire.

After shot of GYEON Q2M Tire.

After shot of GYEON Q2M Tire.

After shot of GYEON Q2M Tire.

After shot of GYEON Q2M Tire.

After shot of GYEON Q2M Tire.

After shot of GYEON Q2M Tire.


I really like the tire cleaner and the tire coating. Even though the the tires didn't "look" clean, I'm telling you straight up the tire cleaner worked great. I believe the ugly appearance after cleaning has more to do with the tire and more specifically the rubber it's made from and maybe whatever tire hell it's been through in the past.

The tire coating - well just like the pictures show - it INSTANTLY turned these tires as black as used motor oil. These suckers are black. And they LOOK GREAT! Best of all, when I came back in the next day the tires were for the most part dry to the touch and non-greasy.

I'm sad to say that since detailing this car it's been totaled. So I don't know the status of the streetrod or the wheels and tires. Too bad too because I worked hard on this ride to get it back to show car quality. The good news is the owner, although hurt and banged up, he's going to be alright.

If you're a fan of GYEON products, and who's not? AND if you're one of those people still looking for the holy grail of tire dressings/coatings, give this product a try. Be sure like I shared to first clean your car's tires as best as humanly possible or machine-possible and then simply follow one of the two different application methods I shared here. Your car's tires are going to look GREAT!