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Gyeon Q2 Syncro Lite

Advanced quartz technology in one pack!

Gyeon Q2 Syncro is an advanced ceramic coating for both beginners and professionals using a sophisticated 2-stage formula system. Gyeon Q2 Syncro offers slickness and intense repellency, as it contains Q2 Mohs for the base coat and the Q2 Skin for the topcoat. Gyeon Q2 Syncro is everything you need in one box.

Gyeon Q2 Syncro is a 2-stage formula that delivers optimal results with minimal effort. Gyeon Q2 Syncro includes Gyeon Q2 Mohs and Gyeon Q2 Skin. Gyeon Q2 Mohs is designated as the base and provides hardness and significant durability. Then Gyeon Q2 Skin used to be a thick and flexible topcoat that provides great self-cleaning abilities. Gyeon Q2 Mohs is one of the hardest automotive paint coatings. The hardness of this coating preserves the effects of the achieved paint correction. Gyeon G2 Skin is an advanced silicone-based top coat that provides exceptional slickness and intense hydrophobicity. When these two products are combined by their layers, they add additional benefits, such as maintenance washes easier. Not only that, but Gyeon Q2 Syncro will prevent against sun damage caused by UV rays, as well as guarding against other environmental elements.

The multilayered application of Gyeon Q2 Syncro is formulated to be used by both hobbyists and professionals. It's best to apply Gyeon Q2 Skin at least four hours after the last layer of Q2 Mohs. Each layer of Gyeon Q2 Mohs increases thickness and hardness. Keep in mind that you can spread it across a larger surface than regular coatings and although it may look oily, it will be super easy to wipe off with a microfiber towel.

-Wash, decontaminate, correct and prep surface before using.
-Shake bottle well.
-Apply a thick layer of Gyeon Q2 Mohs in a crisscross motion to create an even later.
-Wipe off immediately (10-30 seconds), careful to not leave any streaks or smudges.
-Apply at least one more coat after a minimum of one hour.
-Apply a thick layer of Gyeon Q2 Skin after a minimum of four hours, in a crisscross pattern.
-Wipe off immediately and carefully, not leaving streaks or smudges.
-Let coating dry for 12 hours.

GYEON Q2 Syncro Lite includes:
• 50 ml. GYEON Q2 Mohs
• 30 ml. GYEON Q2 Skin

Gyeon Q2 Syncro Lite

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Gyeon Q2 Syncro Lite