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GTechniq W2 Universal Cleaner Concentrate 3.8 Liter

GTechniq W2 Universal Cleaner Concentrate 3.8 Liter

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An all purpose cleaner made by the chemists at Gtechniq that you can trust to get the job done!

W2 Universal Cleaner Concentrate is the ultimate all purpose cleaner. It is incredibly versatile and when used at a medium strength dilution, it safely cleans interior fabrics, upholstery and carpets, as well as leather and vinyl surfaces.

Better cleaning through better science
The chemists at Gtechniq have created an all purpose cleaner that tackles even the toughest jobs and ensures maximum safety to you, the surface you’re cleaning and the environment. Cleaning is a science and the chemists at Gtechniq know a little bit about science! If you love their coatings you’re going to love W2 Universal Cleaner concentrate! Gtechniq has built a strong customer base by creating products that perform, rather than through glib marketing.

Decimates the competition
Gtechniq only brings the most unique and beneficial product to their customers. When it comes to all purpose cleaners everyone has one and everyone says it’s the best. Gtechniq believes once you try W2 Universal Cleaner Concentrate, you’re going to free up a lot of space in the garage and under the kitchen sink as you get rid of the rest to make way for the best.

Hyper Concentrated
Many all purpose cleaners contain mostly water. Gtechniq W2 Universal Cleaner Concentrate is a highly concentrated formula that you can dilute to meet your specific cleaning needs. When you purchase W2 Universal Cleaner Concentrate you get more value for your hard earned money because you’re getting the real deal, the base formula. Simply determine the power you need for your cleaning project and add the concentrate to your own water supply.

Mixing Directions:

Use the below chart to determine the best dilution strength for your needs.

  • Engine bays 1:1
  • Grease 2:1
  • Wax stripping 5:1
  • Hoods 5:1
  • Paint oxidation 5:1
  • Heel marks 5:1
  • Grills 5:1
  • Carpet 7:1
  • Counters 10:1
  • Vinyl 10:1
  • Fiberglass 10:1
  • Air conditioners 10:1
  • Driveways 10:1
  • Tools 10:1
  • Smoke films 10:1
  • Alloy wheels 10:1
  • Cloth furniture 10:1
  • Leather 10:1
  • Walls 20:1
  • Stainless steel 20:1
  • Outdoor furniture 20:1
  • Chrome 20:1
  • Steam cleaning 50:1
  • Window cleaner 120:1

3.8 Liter
GTechniq W2 Universal Cleaner Concentrate 3.8 Liter