Griots Garage Random Orbital Buffing Pad Guide

Have fun in your garage with a random orbital buffer!

So you finally bit the bullet and purchased a Griot's Garage 6 inch Random Orbital Polisher? Congratulations, the quality of life...err…detailing just went up! You will absolutely LOVE how easy it is to polish and wax your car using this versatile, lightweight random orbital dual action polisher. There's only one problem: you find yourself overwhelmed by the dizzying array of foam pads available from Griot's Garage for this tool. Have no fear, because Autogeek is here with our exclusive Griot's Garage Random Orbital Buffing Pad Guide!

Right out of the box the Griot's Garage 6 inch Random Orbital Polisher includes a 6 inch hook and loop backing plate. This backing plate is designed to accommodate 6.5 inch foam pads. Before you read any further, please note that in order to use a 5.5 inch pad on your 6 inch Random Orbital Polisher, you will need to purchase a 5 inch Dual Action Backing Plate. For small, intricate panels like pillars and bumpers, pick up a Griot's Garage 3 inch Random Orbital Polisher. You'll never look back!

If you're still overwhelmed at this point, don't give up yet! Trying to determine the size of the pads that are perfect for your application is simple. First and foremost, if you drive a large truck, SUV or van, then 6.5 inch pads are ideal. If you drive a car, small truck, or compact SUV, then you will be much happier with 5.5 inch pads. It's worth noting that a 6.5 inch pad is perfect for the hood and roof of most vehicles, regardless of their size, so if you have a small car or SUV it would be worth picking up a couple 6.5 inch pads just for these panels. Griot's Garage Foam Pads utilize thermo-set bonding of the foam to the hook and loop, ensuring a heat and chemical proof bond for long life and machine washability. The premium loop attachment features durable nylon loop for long-lasting attachment to the backing plate and easy removal when you're finished. Griot's Garage foam pads are available in the following varieties and sizes:

Griot's Garage Orange Foam Correcting Pad - Available in 3, 5.5 and 6.5 inch
When it come to machine polishing, Griot's Garage Orange Foam Correcting Pad is built for speed. The dense orange foam keeps polishes on top of the foam to reduce waste. Get the shine you want faster with Griot's Garage 6 Inch Orange Foam Correcting Pad and a 3 inch or 6 inch orbital polisher.

Griot's Garage Black Foam Finishing Pad - Available in 3, 5.5 and 6.5 inch
Griot's Garage Black Foam Finishing Pads are perfect for applying a finishing polish or glaze to a dark colored vehicle. Griot's Garage Black Foam Finishing Pads are designed to leave a flawless finish on finicky paint systems.

Griots Garage Red Foam Waxing Pad - Available in 3, 5.5 and 6.5 inch
Griot's Garage Red Foam Waxing Pad applies a thin, even coat of wax to create a uniform shine. The nonabrasive red foam keeps wax on the surface of the pad so none is wasted. Use Griot's Garage Red Foam Waxing Pad with your 3 inch or 6 inch Orbital Polisher for fast, smooth wax application.

Griot's Garage foam and microfiber pads need to be properly cared for to ensure maximum operating life. Clean your pad often with a Foam Pad Conditioning Brush to remove spent polish, oxidized paint and other embedded contaminants that were removed from the paint during the polishing process. When you're finished using the pads for the day, soak them in a bucket of warm water and mix in one ounce of DP Pad Rejuvenator. This citrus-based degreaser removes caked on polish and wax residue, leaving your pads clean and ready for future polishing sessions. After they've soaked for 15 to 20 minutes, thoroughly rinse them out and allow them to air dry in a well ventilated area with the backing material facing up. Now that you're an expert on foam pads, go out and have fun in your garage!