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Griot's Brilliant Finish Foam-On Wax 64 oz.

Griot's Brilliant Finish Foam-On Wax 64 oz.

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Foaming fun with a wax!

The easiest, fastest and coolest way to wax your car is here, meet Griotís Garage Brilliant Finish Foam-On Wax. When used with the Griotís Garage Foaming Sprayer, adding wax onto your car has never been easier with Brilliant Finish Foam-On Wax. This scientifically designed formula allows for state-of-the-art paint protection, enhanced gloss, slickness and water repellency, all while reducing drying time.

Waxing your car can be one of the longer, more precise and tedious steps in the detailing process. Making waxing fun has never been a factor when it comes to creating a product, but with Griotís Garage Brilliant Finish Foam-On Wax all that changes. Now, you can get the same results youíd expect from a wax without the hassle. With Griotís Garage Brilliant Finish Foam-On Wax, waxing is as fast and simple as spraying a foam gun. Just enjoy the foaming action you never thought you could come from a wax.

Griotís Garage Brilliant Finish Foam-On Wax works as well as traditionally styled waxes, just in a more convenient and exciting way. Like traditional waxes, this foam-on wax protects your car from the environmental hazards just waiting to cause harm to your vehicle. Waxing your car protects the paint from damaging UV rays, like sunscreen for your car. It also protects your car from other daily contaminants like bird droppings, bug guts, wind, rain, hail, smog and sap.

Having a car waxed with Griotís Garage Brilliant Finish Foam-On Wax protects your paint, but also enhances its look. Be prepared for double takes from on-lookers as your car will be as sleek and glossy as can be. The foam-on wax coating will give your car a mirror like finish as the wax polishes your clearcoat and in-turn brings out a more vibrant color.

Another benefit of using Griotís Garage Brilliant Finish Foam-On Wax is its highly capable water repellency. This wax is hydrophobic, literally meaning it fears water. When a product has hydrophobic properties, it implies water will bead up and roll off your car. Now, this may not seem like a big win, but it is. When the water beads off your car, it will not only make it easier to see during rain, but it will prevent further paint damage. The water beading off your car will keep the car from streaking and from having pesky water spots. Road grime and water will simply roll off the car instead of impacting your surface.

Waxing has never been so eye-catching with Griotís Garage Brilliant Finish Foam-On Wax. Instead of using elbow grease to work wax onto your carís surface, now you can spray it on with a foam blaster. Just spray and watching the foaming action take ahold of your car. Using overlapping motion, cover the whole car with foam and allow it one minute to dwell. Griotís Garage Brilliant Finish Foam-On Wax is safe to use on all your cars exterior surfaces, including paint, glass, chrome, metal and plastic trim. Just donít let the wax dry, but instead rinse the vehicle and witness the extreme water repelling effect. Then dry the car, it will be faster and even easier now.

-Paint should be cool, clean and still wet after washing.
-Add 4 oz of Foam-On Wax concentrate to Griotís Garage Foaming Sprayer reservoir and fill to top line (32 oz) with water.
-Shake to mix.
-Thread Foaming Sprayer nozzle onto your hose and attach reservoir to the nozzle via the quick disconnect on the end of nozzle.
-Starting from bottom of the vehicle working up, squeeze trigger and apply foam in overlapping passes around the entire vehicle, including wheels, glass and trim.
-Allow to dwell for 60 seconds, do not allow to dry on the paint.
-Rinse vehicle and enjoy the extreme water repelling effect.
-Dry with ease using drying towel.

-For extended durability and extreme water repellency, double the amount of concentrate to 8 oz.
-Additionally, allow for 12-24 hours before exposing to water/weather or other surface care products in order to achieve maximum durability.

64 oz.

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Northern Indiana
A real time saver
Brilliant foam on wax is a big time saver, apply after fully washing your vehicle, Foam on and let dwell for a minute then rinse, leaves a slick just waxed finish,
ProsIt couldn't be any easier to get a fresh just waxed look than this, just foam on and rinse off