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Griotís Garage Best of Show Spray Wax

Provides incredible shine with a spray and a wipe!

Griotís Garage Best of Show Spray Wax is an extremely effective way to boost the shine and protection of your vehicle without having to spend all day waxing it. Griotís Garage Best of Show Spray Wax uses a combination of durable polymers and natural carnauba wax to provide incredible protection to your vehicleís paint. With the easy spray-on-wipe-off application of Griotís Garage Best of Show Spray Wax, you will be able to wax your entire vehicle in as fast as 15 minutes.
Griot's Garage Best of Show Spray Wax has a simple spray and wipe application!
Griot's Garage Best of Show Spray Wax has a simple spray and wipe application!

Everybody who is interested in detailing enjoys the look of a freshly waxed vehicle. The warm glow that a car has after it has been waxed is a frequently sought-after shine. The only issue with achieving this shine is the time you have to put in applying a paste wax to your car every month. It can sometimes take an entire day to properly apply a paste wax to your vehicle, and in the busy world we live in, that is not always a possibility. However, by using a spray wax, you can cut the time it takes to fully wax your vehicle drastically. When choosing which spray waxes works best for you, Griotís Garage Best of Show Spray Wax is an incredible choice. Griotís Garage Best of Show Spray Wax is so easy to apply that you can apply it to your entire vehicle in as little as 15 minutes.

Griotís Garage took special care when formulating the Griotís Garage Best of Show Spray Wax. They used a unique mixture of high-tech polymers and natural carnauba wax to create Griotís Garage Best of Show Spray Wax. The polymers in Griotís Garage Best of Show Spray Wax will provide a tough, durable layer of protection that will be able to make sure your paint can withstand the harsh substances that it comes into contact with daily. The carnauba wax in Griotís Garage Best of Show Spray Wax will provide a deep, warm gloss to your paint that is just as good as any shine youíll get from a paste wax in a quarter of the time.

Even if you are a person that enjoys using a paste wax on your carís paint, Griotís Garage Best of Show Spray Wax can still be a very useful product for you. You will be able to extend the lifetime of your currently standing waxes to make sure that you are able to keep your car protected and glossy for longer than a paste wax on its own would be able to. Using Griotís Garage Best of Show Spray Wax to extend the life of your carís wax will not only save you time by making sure you donít need to reapply your wax more frequently than necessary, but it will also save you money by reducing the amount of paste wax youíd typically work through.

Griotís Garage Best of Show Spray Wax

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Las Vegas
Great spray wax
Love Griots products especially best of show but if you are pressed for time, this is the answer. Finally a spray wax that pops! Easy to use and keeps that shine on your car. Previous spray wax needed to be used while vehicle was wet. Best of show spray wax is used after drying and gives a great shine. Have noticed that this spray wax doesn't collect dust as much as many other carnauba brands. Big advantage for black vehicles.
ProsLess dust collection Amazing shine and protection No streaking Easy-to-use Smells like a big pineapple pie
Best spray wax ever!!!
Griots garage best of show spray wax is not only a great spray wax it‚€™s a great wax period. What makes it even better is you can go over the entire vehicle with about 1.5 oz of product in 10 minutes. It evens out the paint and adds gloss and insane depth. Lastly it has the hydrophobic properties everyone is looking for. Water and dirt rinse right off.
ProsEase of use
Great product!
This product is soooo much better than any of the off the shelf products that you find in stores. It goes on easy and wipes off smoothly, leaving an amazing finish on your car. The paint will look deeper and shine brilliantly in the sun.
Vail, AZ
Best of Show lives up to it's name
Solid product. I also like their Best of Show Detailer, which is similar to this, but without the protection. The price is reasonable and will leave your car with that deep wet shine. They have a "new" Best of Show formula that is like a cream. I want to try that too, but I ended up buying another bottle of this because it's just that good...why mess with perfection. Seems to last about three or four weeks...I live in Arizona so the sun beats it up pretty good. Easy on and easy off.
ConsGenerally, 14.99 a bottle plus shipping. Best when you can find an online coupon.
My Favorite Spray Wax Ever
I was never really a fan of spray waxes because I always saw them as kind of a lazy man's wax & a short-term "band-aid". Most spray waxes also don't produce all that great of hydrophobic effects/last very long because in order to make the product spray-able, they can't make the product too potent with ingredients that halp make waxes/sealants as strong as they can be, or else the products wouldn't be able to atomize out of the sprayer heads.

That being said, I've tended to stay away from them and simply take the time out to fully wax/seal.

This product definitely changed my mind. I became interested when Griot's boasted that the product can last for about 3-4 washes which is very good for spray waxes considering they usually barely last 2 at most.

The experience was great, I love how it's a thicker formula, it bothers me how most spray waxes are so watery, makes it feel like the product won't be very effective. It also wipes off super easily and smells fantastic as well.

Also impressive was the water beading this product produced, and it held up to the 3-4 wash count that Griot's claims.

Long story short, this product convinced me to give spray waxes more consideration in the future.
ProsVery user friendly Easy spray on & wipe off Smells great Great water beading Long lasting protection for a spray wax Thicker formula