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Park Smart Heavy Duty Clean Park Garage Mat.

At 50 mil, this mat is two and a half times thicker than Park Smart’s standard garage mat.

You may already be familiar with Park Smart’s Clean Park Garage Mat. It’s the vinyl mat that catches all the grease, oil, mud, snow, and antifreeze that falls from your vehicle so your garage floor stays clean. That mat is now available in a heavy duty version called the Heavy Duty Clean Park Garage Mat.

This mat is 2 ½ times thicker than the standard mat. It’s perfect for large, rugged vehicles with knobby tires. The mat is 50 mils thick! It’s not going to rip or wear under daily use.

The Heavy Duty Clean Park Garage Mat has all the same great features as the standard mat. It catches everything that falls from your vehicle to keep the floor clean and it washes off easily. Remove one side of snap-on edges and wash all the dirt and fluid out of your garage. Use a squeegee to remove excess liquid. The snap-on edges, which come in 24" sections, hold the mat securely in place and they also keep liquid from seeping out onto the garage floor. The result is a dry, clean floor that is safer and more attractive.

The mat catches debris that falls off your shoes, too. You are less likely to track snow, grease, or mud into your house because it’s all on the Clean Park Mat!

The Heavy Duty Clean Park Mat protects the garage floor from moisture, mud, and snow.

There is a 3 year limited manufacturer's warranty on this durable mat.

Keep your garage floor clean and dry with the Heavy Duty Clean Park Garage Mat. At 50 mils thick, it will hold up under rugged vehicles and catch everything before it hits your garage floor.

Note: Assembly required - No tools needed. 1" x 24" side snap-on edges need to be attached after mat is in place. End pieces are 18" long. Assembly directions are included.