FORM-FIT car covers

FORM-FIT car covers

Covercraft’s most luxurious indoor cover!

If you have a collectible, exotic, or otherwise special vehicle, you don’t want to leave it outside in the cold. Keep it warm and toasty in your garage under a Form-Fit™ Car Cover from Covercraft. This cover is not for your everyday vehicle. It is made from woven polyester and Lycra/Spandex® so the cover stretches over your vehicle, hugging every curve. The material retains its shape over a long period of time due to the woven fabric. The Form-Fit™ cover creates an attractive silhouette over your vehicle, so you can still show it off when it’s covered. The taut fabric will provide some ding and dent protection for a garage-parked vehicle. The material is highly breathable to prevent heat from becoming trapped under the cover, yet it shields your vehicle from dust and debris. The inside of a Form-Fit™ cover is 100% cotton terry loop that has been sheared to a fleece-like finish.

This incredibly soft material pampers your paint while your vehicle is being stored. This cover will never scratch and is ideal for delicate custom finishes. Because the Form-Fit™ Cover clings to the vehicle, it is only available in custom sizes. Patterns are limited. Call to check for availability. All covers come with a matching fabric storage bag and a 4 year warranty.


  • Woven polyester outer shell - Lycra/Spandex® is added to the yarns to provide STRETCH and memory - the stretch provides the body-hugging fit and the memory assures the cover will retain its shape over an extended period of time.
  • 100% cotton terry loop inside – The cotton is sheared to a soft, fleece-like finish to pamper your vehicle’s paint. The breathable fabric allows heat and vapor to escape from underneath the cover.

The FormFit cover is for people who want to wrap their vehicle in the ultimate body-hugging garment. This cover is intended for indoor use only. Pamper your treasured car in the luxurious softness of a fleece-like inner layer. Collectors and enthusiasts will love this cover.

This fabric is available in limited custom patterns.The FormFit cover wraps your vehicle in softness.

Available custom patterns for the Form-Fit Cover: Acura NSX, Aston Martin (selected models), Audi TT, Bentley (selected models), Corvette, Dodge Viper, Ferrari (selected models), Jaguar (selected models), Lamborghini (selected models), Lotus (selected models), Maserati (selected models), Mercedes Benz (selected models), Plymouth Prowler, Porsche (selected models), Rolls Royce (selected models).

Click on the order button below and follow the instructions to select your cover. Exact pricing will be displayed once you have selected your cover.

Antenna Openings – FormFit covers are made to fit vehicles with retractable antennas. Creating an antenna opening is not recommended with this fabric. If you need assistance with finding your particular pattern, call us at


Formfit covers are available in six exciting colors.

You get Covercraftsmanship in every Covercraft car cover!WARRANTY
4 year limited warranty

Due to manufacturer delays, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Contact a sales representative at 1-800-869-3011

Custom covers start at $295.00

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