Foam Wash Gun.

Foam Wash Gun.

Get more foam faster with the Foamaster!

The Foamaster Foam Wash Gun makes washing easier by presoaking the vehicle in frothy, thick foam. Every time you use the Foamaster, you’re creating maximum foam that begins lubricating and loosening dirt as soon as it hits the vehicle. When you use your wash mitt or sponge, less effort is required to get the vehicle totally clean.

The Foamaster Foam Wash Gun is a heavy duty gun with brass fittings and a chemical resistant reservoir. The ratio of soap to water is adjustable and the nozzle can be disconnected from the foam gun. Shower your vehicle in rich, lubricating foam with the Foamaster Foam Gun!

The Foamaster Foam Gun is available in quart and half gallon sizes, and with your choice of logos: Autogeek, Wolfgang, or Pinnacle.

All the foam guns are the same with the exception of the canister size and the logo.