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FLEX PE14-2-150 1-Pad Polishing Kit

FLEX PE14-2-150 1-Pad Polishing Kit

Work clean with one time use pads!

The FLEX PE14-2-150 1-Pad Polishing Kit lets you detail without fear of cross-contamination. The kit includes Lake Country 1-Pads, single-use foam pads. With the 1-Pad System, the backing plate is the star and the pads are made to be used and tossed. The FLEX PE14-2-150 1-Pad Polishing Kit is ideal for detailers who want the assurance of a clean pad every time.

The 1-Pad Polishing System consists of an ultra flexible, patented Tri-Density Backing Plate and a variety of bowl-shaped foam pads. Each 1-Pad uses 65% less material than most conventional foam pads. However, the system still provides plenty of cushioning. The Tri-Density Backing Plate is cushioned to provide the soft support needed, and it won't break down because the backing plate is not in direct contact with the paint.

The FLEX PE14-2-150 1-Pad Polishing Kit includes:

FLEX PE14-2-150 Rotary Polisher <font color=red>In Stock - Free Bonuses!</font>

FLEX PE14-2-150 Rotary Polisher
The FLEX PE14-2-150 Rotary Polisher is built to minimize user fatigue with an ergonomic design and lightweight body. It weighs in at just 5.6 pounds! The front of the polisher is perfectly curved to fit the user's hand and coated in rubber for superior comfort. The spindle lock mechanism is located behind the hump you see above so you cannot accidentally press it. A new combination of planetary and bevel gears provides extreme noise reduction. The gears are hardened stainless steel for excellent durability. A powerful internal fan provides optimized airflow to cool the engine and transmission to prevent heat buildup in the polisher. The FLEX PE14-2-150 Rotary Polisher is powerful! It has a 1400 watt motor with a no-load speed range of 600-2100 rpm. The FLEX PE14-2-150 is capable of high speed compounding, but it also works smoothly when polishing at low speeds.


Lake Country Tri-Density Urethane Rotary Backing Plate (5/8x11)

Tri-Density Rotary Backing Plate
This ultra flexible, cushioned backing plate makes it easy to transition from flat to vertical panels. You've never seen a backing plate bend like this one. The Tri-Density Backing Plate is specially designed to provide added cushioning to 1-Pads. It centers itself perfectly in each bowl-shaped 1-Pad.


1-Pad Orange Foam Light Cutting Pads, 3 pack

3 quantity 1-Pad Orange Light Cutting Foam Pads
The orange pad is made of firm, high density foam for scratch and defect removal. Use this pad with polishes and swirl removers. It's a multi-purpose pad that will work on most light to moderate imperfections.


1-Pad White Foam Polishing Pads, 3 pack

3 quantity 1-Pad White Polishing Foam Pads
The white pad is designed for the application of micro-fine polishes and cleaner waxes. This pad has very light cutting power so it is perfect for pre-wax cleaners.


1-Pad Black Foam Finishing Pads, 3 pack

3 quantity 1-Pad Black Finishing Foam Pads
The black pad's composition is firm enough to withstand added pressure during final finishing to remove buffer swirls. It has no cut and will apply thin, even coats of waxes, sealants, and glazes.


Detailing towels

3 Microfiber Detailing Towels
Use these microfiber detailing cloths for drying, buffing, or as a finishing wipe down. Microfiber is designed to be light, strong, super-absorbent and quick drying. The fibers are non-abrasive, and are woven so tightly that it’s absolutely lint free and extremely durable. Unbelievably, these ultra-tough fibers are engineered to absorb seven times their weight in moisture.


XMT Polishing Pad Conditioner

12 oz. Pinnacle XMT Polishing Foam Pad Conditioner
Prevention of dry buffing is as easy as misting an unused pad with Pinnacle XMT Polishing Pad Conditioner. It only takes a couple of spritzes to prep the pad for polishing. The rich lubricants instantly penetrate the pad, softening and conditioning the material. Even if the pad has never been used, it will glide across the paint like you’re halfway through the detail session.

If you're tired of cleaning pads, the FLEX PE14-2-150 1-Pad Polishing Kit is made for you. This kit combines the exceptional performance of FLEX's most innovative rotary polisher with the convenience of Lake Country 1-Pad single use pads. 

Kit includes:
Flex PE14-2-150 Rotary Polisher
Lake Country 1-Pad Backing Plate
3 quantity 1-Pad Orange Light Cutting Pads
3 quantity 1-Pad White Polishing Pads  
3 quantity 1-Pad Black Finishing Pads
Pinnacle XMT Polishing Pad Conditioner  
3 Microfiber Detailing Towels, 16 x 16 inches

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