Fall Vehicle Maintenance Guide

Fall Vehicle Maintenance Guide

If you haven’t already prepped your car for the fall season, be sure to check out our “How To Prepare Your Vehicle for Fall” guide. But if you have prepped your car for fall, you’re probably wondering how to maintain that prepped finish – and we can help you with that too.

Maintaining your car’s appearance throughout the fall season isn’t difficult, as long as you remain consistent. With proper maintenance, the protection you applied before the season started should last until winter and below are a couple tips on making sure your protection lasts as long as possible. And we’ve thrown in a couple other tips too, just in case.

Leaf on wet vehicle paint

Fall Washing

While fall temperatures aren’t nearly as low as winter temperatures, doing a full two-bucket wash in 40-50 degree weather doesn’t sound fun or practical. That’s why using a rinseless or waterless wash comes in handy. These products are full of lubricating agents that help your wash mitt or towels glide across the surface to trap in dirt and remove them without causing damage or washing-induced swirls.

Wash your vehicle in cold weather with a quality rinseless wash. Wash your vehicle in cold weather with a quality rinseless wash.


Many of these products also contain protective agents, such as carnauba or SiO2 ingredients, that will both boost and refresh your existing protection. If your car is coated with a ceramic coating, be sure to use a product that contains SiO2 to really get the most of your ceramic coating. The synergistic capabilities of these products are ideal easy maintenance.

Rinseless washes will still require a bucket of water (but just 1!), while waterless washes only require a stack of clean microfiber towels. Here are a few waterless and rinseless washes available at Autogeek.com – which one will you try?

DP Waterless Auto Wash Concentrate

Ultima Acrylic Waterless Wash Concentrate

Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Rinseless Wash

Pinnacle Liquid Crystal Waterless Wash with Carnauba

DP Waterless Auto Wash

P&S EC37 Epic Waterless Wash

Optimum No Rinse Wash And Shine

Exterior Quick Detailing

So what happens when your car isn’t exactly dirty, but it’s missing that extra POP? You give it a quick detail, of course. Fall weather can be a blustery, windy mess and the falling leaves will probably land on your car. Arming yourself with a quick detailer that provides plenty of lubrication for removing this debris is key. In addition to removing contaminants such as dirt, dust, leaves, pollen, and more, many quick detailers leave behind a measure of protection.

Give your vehicle a quick clean up with a quick detailer! Give your vehicle a quick clean up with a quick detailer!


Just with the rinseless and waterless washes we mentioned above, if your car has a particular coating such as graphene or SiO2 based protection, you should use a dedicated quick detailer that has the same to ensure your coating is being properly maintained.

Autogeek has plenty of quick detailers available, and many are bundled together with their respective coatings to make your shopping experience even easier - check them out now.

DP Graphene Quick Detailer

DP GR4 Graphene Coating Complete Kit

DP Final Gloss Quick Detailer

DP Brazil-iance Wax Kit

Pinnacle Black Label SiO2 Detail Spray

SONAX Brilliant Shine Detailer

CARPRO EliXir Quick Detailer

Interior Quick Detailing

With the falling leaves of fall comes, well, the falling leaves – and they seem to always make their way directly into your cars interior surfaces. And not just the leaves, but also the dirt, dust, mud, sand, and other debris just blowing around in the windy weather. It’s important to keep your interior freshly detailed, not just for your resale value, but also for your peace of mind; after all, who wants to drive around in a car with a dirty interior?

Refresh your interior surfaces with a quick interior detailer!

Refresh your interior surfaces with a quick interior detailer!


As with everything, staying on top of your cleaning and detailing is the easiest maintenance, so finding the right interior detailing products is important. You want a product that will remove common contaminants, such as dirt, dust, sand, fingerprint oils, without harming the surface – and a little protection would be nice too right?

Autogeek has a huge selection of interior detailing products, kits, and bundles with tools, towels, and more that will ensure your car doesn’t suffer from “falling leaves” anymore – check out a few of our bestsellers now.

DP Total Interior Kit

Pinnacle Vinyl And Glass Clean And Protect Combo

Wolfgang Interior Shampoo

BLACKFIRE Interior Detailer

Meguiars Ultimate Interior Detailer

SONAX Multi-Purpose Interior Cleaner

Pinnacle Total Interior And Exterior Detailing Kit

Coating Maintenance

We mentioned this before, but wanted to make sure this was talked about again. The paint coating you (hopefully!) applied to your car right as fall began will need regular maintenance to ensure it continues performing its best. Your selected coating probably has a corresponding maintenance products, such as a quick detailer, booster, or coating wash that will invigorate your coating, but there are plenty of all-purpose products that work well also. The products listed below will restore some of your coating’s hydrophobicity, protective capabilities, and slick shine.

Refresh your coating with a coating booster! Refresh your coating with a coating booster!


Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Booster

Pinnacle Black Label SiO2 Detail Spray

IGL Ecocoat Premier

DP Coating Maintenance Wash

Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Coating Detailer

CARPRO HydrO2 Touchless Silica Sealant

BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating Wash

Miscellaneous Fall Care

While the above products are some of the main aspects of maintenance, it’s also a good idea to have plenty of other common detailing tools and products on hand, such as glass cleaners, tire & wheel cleaners, car dusters, and plenty of microfiber towels (seriously, you can never have too many microfiber towels).

Did we forget anything? Do you have a fall maintenance must-have? Let us know!