EZ Detail Brush

The EZ Detail Brush was developed by a motorcyclist who was experiencing the familiar frustration of not being able to clean all the nooks and crannies of his bike. Rather than waiting for a solution, he developed it himself. Now the EZ Detail Brush is spreading like wildfire through the motorcycle and automotive detailing industries thanks to its incredible versatility and flexibility.

The EZ Detail Brush has become a favorite tool of motorcycle and car owners because it reaches parts of the wheel that were previously inaccessible. The soft bristles are completely nonabrasive and the flexible stem allows the brush to go where no brush has gone before! The EZ Detail Brush by itself is a detailer's dream but pair it with a quality wheel cleaner for an even better effect.

Take a look at Autogeek's selection of EZ Detail Brushes and combos you'll love what it can do for your bike and car!

  • EZ Detail Brush

    EZ Detail Brush

    A safe, no scratch wash tool for your motorcycle or car's intricate parts.The EZ Detail Brush is an excellent tool for cleaning between spokes, forks, and other motorycle components. The soft bristles will absolutely not scratch clear-coated...

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  • EZ Detail Brush Mini

    EZ Detail Brush Mini

    Clean the most intricate vehicle surfaces with this miniature detail brush!The EZ Detail Brush Mini is a smaller version of the popular EZ Detail Brush. With this compact detail brush, you can now clean in smaller spaces to totally eliminate brake dust,...

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