Extra Sprayers

Extra Sprayers

Extra sprayers fit all 16 and 32 ounce bottles.

Extra sprayers are like microfiber towels – you can never have enough! Extra trigger sprayers replace broken or misplaced ones, or they can be an upgrade to an existing sprayer. Our commercial grade sprayers are built for long term, frequent use with any product, even aggressive wheel cleaners. All sprayers listed here are chemical resistant and capable of withstanding strong, acidic cleaners and degreasers. Each sprayer can be turned off to prevent leaking. If you transport products in your vehicle, you can be sure that these sprayers won't make a mess in your trunk!

High Volume Sprayers White Sprayer  SPR-250-W Chemical resistant, high velocity sprayers deliver a generous mist of product with a commercial-quality trigger nozzle. These heavy-duty sprayers are chemical resistant and non-leaking. They can be shipped and transported with the nozzle in the off position. Use these nozzles for tire gels, exterior cleaners, all purpose cleaners, and any high viscosity liquid or gel. Even high-acid cleaners will work with these patented trigger sprayers. 


Black Low Profile Sprayer SPR-240 Chemical resistant and ideal for general use. Though this sprayer works with any product, it is best for spray waxes, sealants, glass cleaners and quick detailers. It releases a fine mist and can be turned off for shipping and transport.


These sprayers fit any standard 32 or 16 oz. bottle.