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Exterior Trim.

Exterior car care does not end with washing and waxing. Creating a bona fide, perfected showroom finish requires each and every surface to be cleaned, conditioned and dressed to the nines: each providing a different, yet indispensable, contribution to the overall look. These are the true details that matter in the end.

Years ago I thought that the major steps (washing and waxing) were where it’s at when it comes to producing a fantastic-looking car. When I started to experiment with smaller applications like trim dressings, I soon realized the huge difference they make in the appearance of a vehicle. The best and wettest, deepest shine can be utterly breathtaking, but if the other parts of the car aren’t up to par, they’ll detract from the overall results.

The trim suffers a lot of abuse from the elements--drying, cracking and fading are just a few. Below you’ll find a selection of the best products on the market for restoring, protecting and dressing vinyl, rubber, and plastics. You’ll be surprised what a difference this can mean to your final creation.