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1Z Einszett Pro Line Intensive Paste Intensiv

Remove severe oxidation and compounding scratches like a pro with 1Z’s Pro Line!

1Z Einszett Pro Line Intensive Paste "Pasta Intensiv" is a silicone-free fine cutting polish designed to remove 1500 and 2000 color sanding marks and scratches from more aggressive compounds. Intensive Paste is effective on ceramic paint and can be used either on force-dried paintwork or on existing finishes. Intensive Paste is equally suitable for removing slight orange peel effect and paint overspray to restore a perfect finish to your car.

1Z Einszett Intensive Paste is one step down from a true compound. With finer abrasives, it smoothes compounding swirls and restores gloss to compounded paint. 1Z Einszett Intensive Paste can also be used on a freshly cured paint finish to remove overspray. The formula is body-shop safe, silicone-free, and wax-free.

Even today’s hard, ceramic paints, such as those used by Mercedes Benz, can be polished to a dynamic gloss with 1Z Einszett Intensive Paste. Use the cutting polish on clear coats and gel coat fiberglass, too. Restore boat finishes and remove salt water oxidation to restore a factory-new finish to your investments.

Apply 1Z Einszett Intensive Paste with a polisher or by hand. We recommend using a polisher if you wish to remove oxidation and sanding marks. Use a polishing pad to work the polish in at 700-1000 RPM. Slowly increase the speed until you achieve the desired results. If using a dual action polisher, start at 4 and gradually increase speed until imperfections are removed. Follow with 1Z Einszett High Gloss Polish if necessary.

1Z Einszett Intensive Paste is part of 1Z Einszett’s Pro Line of car polishes. Each polish is made with premium German abrasives blended into easy-to-use, low-dusting formulas. The polishes are packaged in 33.8 fl. oz. bottles, which are ideal for professional detailers and those who work in a body shop environment.

Restore the gloss to newly painted or compounded paint finishes with 1Z Einszett Intensive Paste. German abrasives in this low-dusting, professional formula will bring out a factory-fresh gloss on your vehicle.

33.8 fl. oz. (1000 ml)

Made in Germany

1Z Einszett Pro Line Intensive Paste Intensiv

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1Z Einszett Pro Line Intensive Paste Intensiv