> The Edge Detailing Swab Foam Tips 10 Pack

The Edge Detailing Swab Foam Tips 10 Pack

Go where no Edge Foam has gone before with The Edge Detailing Swab Foam Tips!

Clean vents, crevices, and seams with The Edge Detailing Swab Foam Tips. These foam-tipped detailing sticks are made of the same proprietary foam compositions as The Edge buffing pads. The Edge Detailing Swab Foam Tips last longer and work better than cotton swabs!

Remove wax from around emblems, apply protectant in hard-to-reach places and clean chalky residues out of body seams with The Edge Foam Tips. The wooden stick is shaped to a point underneath the foam, allowing the Foam Tip to squeeze into your vehicle’s smallest spaces.

The Edge Detailing Swab Foam TipsThrow out your cotton swabs! The Edge Foam Tips are more absorbent and more durable than cotton swabs, and the wooden handle stands up to pressure when you’re scrubbing stubborn spots. These are heavy duty detailing sticks for cleaning out the dirtiest nooks and crannies of your vehicle, time after time.

The Edge Detailing Swab Foam Tips are made of the same foam as The Edge 2000
foam buffer pads. These detailing sticks are excellent for cleaning wax or polish residue out of body seams after you’ve used a polisher. The foam textures range from porous scrubbing foam (black) to soft, absorbent foam (white) for applying protectants or general dusting.

Five varieties of Detailing Swab Foam Tips:
    Detailing Swab Foam Tips
  • Black: aggressive texture for scrubbing rubber moldings or trim
  • Yellow: moderate/aggressive foam cleans up stubborn residues in seams or vents.
  • Green: moderate texture foam cleans dried wax from around emblems or body seams
  • Blue: fine texture foam works well for gentle cleaning of interior surfaces
  • White: ultrafine texture can be used to apply wax or protectants in tight places

The Edge Detailing Swab Foam Tips are an excellent value! Each pack contains 10 reusable detailing sticks. Since they are made of the same foam as Edge 2000 pads, you can wash them in DP Polishing Pad Rejuvenator, just as you would a foam pad.

Each Edge Detailing Swab Tip is approximately 6 inches long with an inch of foam at the tip.

A fine finish is all in the details. The Edge Foam Tips will help you put the finishing touches on your vehicle.

10 per pack - 2 Black Foam Tips- 2 Yellow Foam Tips-2 Green Foam Tips-2 blue Foam Tips-2 White Foam Tips

The Edge Detailing Swab Foam Tips 10 Pack

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Brooklyn, NY
The Edge Detailing Swab Foam Tips 10 Pack
A must have tool!!! It gets into places where you are not able to get into.
You can do better
These were the first foam swabs I ever bought. They work well but the heads come off to easily. For this price they could have afforded better adhesive.
I would have kept using them but found electronics swabs that are smaller, and more disposable.
Having said that these do offer some types of heads I haven't found elsewhere.