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Eco Touch Dashboard Protect 128 oz.

The interior cleaner nature intended.

Eco Touch Dashboard Protect protects dashboards and vinyl trim with an earth-friendly blend of surfactants and water-soluble polymers. Interior surfaces are left clean and non-greasy. Eco Touch Dashboard Protect provides surface-safe, silicone-free care for interior vinyl.

Eco Touch Dashboard Protect is actually good for your vehicle. Coconut-derived, biodegradable surfactants clean vinyl without drying it out. Silicone-based products actually cause plasticizers to leach out of the dash and trim, which ultimately makes these surfaces brittle. Eco Touch Dashboard Protect doesn’t take anything away from your interior but the dirt and dust.

Eco Touch Dashboard ProtectEco Touch Dashboard Protect leaves your vehicle’s cockpit looking the way the manufacturer made it. The carefully ph-balanced formula is packed with naturally-derived emollients that protect against UV rays and prevent your dash from cracking over time. Your interior will look and feel completely clean, naturally.

Because there's no silicone in Eco Touch Dashboard Protect, it does not attract dust or dirt. Lavender essential oils offer a refreshing scent.

Eco Touch Dashboard Protect is for people that like their dashboards to look clean and new - the way the manufacturer made it.

24 fl. oz. spray

User Tips
  • Spray Eco Touch Dashboard Protect onto microfiber towel first, then wipe onto surface You’ll avoid overspray on the windows this way.
  • For a smoother finish, follow-up initial wipe with a second dry microfiber.
  • Make sure your dashboard is cool first before wiping to avoid streaking.
  • Regular cleaning will help prevent fading and cracking from the effects of the sun.
  • For smaller vents pull out a small cotton swab and apply Eco Touch Dashboard Protect.
  • For console knobs and hard to reach areas, consider using a specialty detailing brush.

Eco Touch Dashboard Protect 128 oz.

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Eco Touch Dashboard Protect 128 oz.