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Duragloss Rubber & Flat Black Dressing (RBD) #271

Duragloss Rubber & Flat Black Dressing (RBD) #271

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Enhance and restore flat black trim and bumpers!

Duragloss Rubber & Flat Black Dressing contains a blend of polymeric synthetic polymers in a solvent base. RBD #271 cleans and shines rubber bumpers and moldings, and is recommended for flat black surfaces.

Duragloss Rubber & Flat Black Dressing is a low luster silicone dressing for flat black automotive surfaces, such as the bumpers and moldings. Its solvent base lifts old dressings in order for the silicone polymers to bond better with the rubber. Once applied, Duragloss Rubber & Flat Black Dressing enhances the dark color and restores the like-new luster to these surfaces.

Duragloss Rubber & Flat Black Dressing is water-resistant and will not wash off in the rain once cured. The finish is a low-gloss sheen that complements the paint, rather than overpowering it.

Duragloss Rubber & Flat Black Dressing is a great way to enhance the most weather worn parts of your vehicle. Dark rubber bumpers and moldings are often neglected and tend to fade quickly due to UV exposure. Duragloss Rubber & Flat Black Dressing restores the lost color with long-lasting, waterproof polymers.

Instantly restore the color and like-new luster of faded rubber bumpers and flat black moldings with Duragloss Rubber & Flat Black Dressing.

8 oz.

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west haven, CT
Duragloss Rubber & Flat Black Dressing works really good on all rubber surfaces on my car. Also used it on my moldings on my sunroof as they looked discolored from the sun beating on them all the time.
Prosit is water resistant
Portland, OR
One of the best car care products ever...
This is perhaps the single best car product I have ever used based on price, performance, and solving a nagging problem.

I have a car with a lot of black plastic trip. It was fading and getting pretty old looking. I tried a few other things and had blotchy, inconsistent results.The products I tried that dye the plastic black were consistently terrible and messy. Then I tried this stuff.

It gets your black trim looking new again. It goes on easily. It's easy to get off paint and windows. It doesn't run. And it's easy to reapply. I use it on my black stuff about every 2-3 months. Those parts look fantastic.

A few tips: the instructions say to use it generously. Do so. For very faded plastic it can take a lot of product. For some of my very neglected plastic it took 2 or three treatments. If it looks blochy after a few hours or a day, give it another coat. When I first started using this I was not going heavy enough. I now go pretty heavy, let it dwell for a minute or two, and then wipe off the excess. If you buff it will get a little gloss. I prefer most of my stuff to be flat black so I give a gentle wipe and no buffing.

My car also has some harder, shiny plastic parts. I don't use this on them. It doesn't seem to penetrate the shiny parts. Bumpers, black plastic door handles, plastic wheel arch trim, exterior rubber window trim, roof rack plastic - all look new with this stuff. It goes on easily, doesn't run after applying, is waterproof (or very water resistant), and seems to last quite a while. I don't know how long it would last because I reapply fairly frequently. This stuff is a pleasure to use. Not that it's an oily substance - I recommend wearing a glove as it will likely get on your hand.

I wish I had some before and after pictures. This stuff has completely restored my plastic door handles, wheel trim, and other plastic parts. I don't use this on tires. For those I use DG Tire and Rubber Matt Dressing.
Another great DG product
I use this on all cars! It makes the trim BLACK and lasts a long time. Would recommend this to everyone.
This stuff is truly awesome. For the price you cannot find a more quality product. Durability is top notch. Duragloss does it again!
I had doubts before buying this product. It is VERY watery and has the solvent base and smell of Black Again. Put this on, let it dry, then buff off. You will have factory looking low gloss rubber / plastic trim. Unlike 303, it WILL NOT streak when it gets wet. It even beads water like DG105 does on paint. After it dries, it don't even have water spots. As with all DG products, durability is top shelf. You want find a better trim dressing.