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128 oz. Duragloss Marine/RV Detail Spray

128 oz. Duragloss Marine/RV Detail SprayRemove oil, film, algae, soil and water lines while restoring gloss and slickness in less than 5 minutes!

Use Duragloss Marine & RV Detail Spray #522 between washes to quickly and easily clean and shine without scratching. Duragloss Marine & RV Detail Spray is designed to remove surface contaminants, restore gloss and slickness and leaves a protective barrier that bonds with durable waxes and sealants to enhance shine and durability. As an added benefit, this anti-static formula retards future dust and water line attraction, making future cleaning easier.

When exposed to the elements, boat and RV finishes are under constant attack and need routine cleaning to maintain their beautiful appearance. Contaminants such as bird droppings, salt spray, acid rain, mineral deposits, oil, fuel and road grime are common enemies that need to be removed quickly before they have a chance to cause stains, etching and a dull appearance. The secret to easy maintenance and removal of these contaminants is quick detailing. Quick detailing describes a process where you clean and restore shine in just a few minutes.

Duragloss Marine & RV Detail Spray #522 is a high lubricity quick detailer that loosens contamination on the surface, including stubborn algae, so it wipes away effortlessly and without scratching. Since algae can discolor surfaces, it is important to remove it quickly. Duragloss Marine & RV Detail Spray #522 not only removes fresh algae; it removes the water line on the hull. This is a high performance quick detailer for ruggedly used recreational vehicles and boats.

Spray a 2’x 2’ area with Duragloss Marine & RV Quik Detailer #522 and wipe with a Cobra Microfiber Towel until dry. Use Marine & RV Detailer as often as necessary to retain that showroom look between washes. Use after waxing and polishing for even more depth, gloss, and slickness.

Over the life of your boat or RV, regular use of Duragloss Marine & RV Detail Spray #522 and regular applications of a durable wax will keep gelcoat surfaces looking newer longer.

128 oz. refill


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