Buffing Pads & Accessories for Porter Cable 7424XP

Choose from foam pads by Lake Country, The Edge 2000, and Meguiars. All the pads listed here work with the Porter Cable 7424, Flex XC3401, Makita BO6040, Metabo, and Bosch model 1250DEVS dual action polishers.

The Lake Country 6.5 inch foam pads feature hook & loop backing to attach to Lake Country's 5 or 6 inch hook & loop backing plates. Five foam varieties provide the perfect prescription for any detailing job.

The Edge 2000 6 inch pads are an innovative alternative to hook & loop pads. The Edge foam pads are double-sided and attach to the polisher using a center adapter, rather than a backing plate. The Edge 6 inch pads are available as standard flat pads or The Edge 2000 Wave Pads, which have wavy foam on each side to allow better ventilation of the foam.

Meguiars 6.5 inch Soft Buff Pads are made by one of the oldest names in car care. Available in three varieties of foam, these are standard hook & loop pads that attach to the polisher using the Meguiars 5 inch DA Buffer Backing Plate.

Use Spot Buffs 4 inch foam pads with your dual action polisher and the Spot Buffs 3.5 inch DA backing plate. The small pads are available in the same varieties as Lake Country's larger 6.5 inch foam pads.

  • Porter Cable 7424XP Flat Wrench

    Porter Cable 7424XP Flat Wrench

    If you have a Porter Cable 7424 or Porter Cable 7424XP dual action polisher, you also have the wrench that comes with it to remove the backing plate. Unless it got lost in a sea of other wrenches and screw drivers somewhere in the dark recesses of your...

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