Dual Action Polisher Backing Plates

For optimum results, you need quality backing plates on your dual-action polisher. The backing plates are more important than you might think. Not only do they hold your pad in place, a good backing plate will also be flexible enough to conform to the curves of your vehicle and will evenly distribute the weight and pressure of the machine.

It should also absorb some of the vibration. The Flexible backing plates are made of high quality polyurethane which is very durable and dampens vibration from your polisher. The polyurethane surface is uniform and balanced so that your results will be even. And these pads will not get hot like cheaper pads.

The Velcro® brand fasteners are permanently molded to the polyurethane so your pads will lock securely in place. We offer 5 and 6 inch backing plates to fit most standard polishers. Use pads of a larger size to allow proper overhang so the edge of the plate will not scratch your vehicle.

Check out our selection of buffing, polishing, and cutting pads to see what's right for your detailing job.

Exclusively for dual-action polishers, we offer the German-style flexible backing plate made of molded urethane. Click on the Dual Action Flexible Backing Plate below to read about the benefits of this remarkable plate. Your polishing experience can be much easier with the right backing plate. Below are our favorite plates and great information on the construction and benefits of these premium plates. These backing plates are designed to fit most dual action polishers including the Porter Cable 7424XP, Meguiars G110v2 and the Griots Garage Random Orbital Polisher.