Automotive Drill Accessories

Power up your polishing pads and tools!

Polish wheels, grills, bumpers and hard to get to areas with fantastic results by using drill attachments designed for polishing automotive surfaces. Faster and more effective than hand polishing, our drill polishing tools utilize the speed and power of your electric drill to polish surfaces to a brilliant, high gloss shine.

Hand polishing is hard work - polishing with a drill is easy! Choose from such proven detailing tools as the Mothers PowerBall, Mothers PowerCone, Flitz Polishing Balls, Lake Country Wool Polishing Balls and a wide variety of small buffing pads that fit any drill. These drill attachments are designed to give you the performance of a polisher in a compact size that's perfect for spot buffing and wheel polishing.

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    CarPro Glass Repair Kit

    Glass Repair Kit

    The next best thing to replacing glass Polish scratches out of glass with the Glass Repair Kit. Polishing glass sounds intimidating but we've has taken the fear out of glass correction with this user-friendly kit. These products and special applicators...

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    Retail: $76.64
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