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Dodo Juice Tyromania Non-Sling Tire Dressing

Give tires a natural-looking finish that does not sling!

Dodo Juice Tyromania Non-Sling Tire Dressing is a unique paste tire dressing wax that enhances the look of rubber tires and trim. The finish looks natural and will not sling once it's dry. Your tires will look new, supple, and dark - as tires should look. Dodo Juice Tyromania Non-Sling Tire Dressing lasts up to two months.

Dodo Juice Tyromania Non-Sling Tire Dressing is made with orange oil as a natural solvent and carnauba wax as a natural surface protectant. The combination of the two gives tires a low-gloss, rich finish. It's more tire wax than tire dressing. The thick formula cures to the rubber and will not sling off. Dodo Juice Tyromania

Dodo Juice Tyromania produces a "new rubber" finish. If you prefer a shinier finish, the wax coating can be misted with water and buffed with a towel to create a satin finish.

In addition to tires, Dodo Juice Tyromania Non-Sling Tire Dressing works well on black plastic trim. It improves the appearance of exterior trim without making it look overly shiny or slick. And because it's a paste, Dodo Juice Tyromania Non-Sling Tire Dressing is easy to apply exactly where you want it.

Rubber and black plastic are prone to fading. Use Dodo Juice Tyromania Non-Sling Tire Dressing to bring back a natural looking, dark finish.

(6 oz.) 180 ml.

Dodo Juice Tyromania Non-Sling Tire Dressing

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Great Product
Works, just as it says, gives the new tire look and does not sling.
The best concept in tyre dressings ever!
I have had this product on the tyres and plastic trim of my 2008 MINI Cooper for a month now, and I can honestly say that I love this product. This is a VERY soft, buttery black wax that when cured reveals an absolute matte black finish, but can also be buffed to a very subtle satin finish with a microfiber towel if you wish (Just be sure not to use your best towels for this, as it will stain them.). The look is unlike any dressing you have ever seen before, and do to the uniqueness it does take some getting used to. However, if you enjoy very subtle tyre dressings, nothing else comes close to the quality of finish Dodo-Juice Tyromania provides! If the look alone doesn't intrigue you, the durability and value will...

I already was aware of how this product handled the heat, so I popped it in the refrigerator before use to solve the consistency problem. This trick worked beautifully, as the consistency was perfect to attain coverage on uneven surfaces without waste. The initial price may scare you, but do not be fooled: this is like no other tyre and trim dressing you have encountered before. A quarter turn of the included foam applicator inside the pot was enough to load the pad, and - as per the advice of Dodo-Juice - I used the rim of the container to scrape off any excess product so that there was no waste. This single application was enough to treat all four tyres, and EVERY piece of black plastic and rubber trim on the vehicle! I did not once have to reload the applicator pad. Last time I dressed the tyres and trim on this car using PB's Natural Look Dressing, I would estimate I used three ounces of product to cover everything. By the time I was done applying the tyromania, the container looked like it hadn't been touched. I would estimate that you easily could dress the tyres AND trim on something between thirty and fifty cars (Depending on the size of the vehicle.) with a single 6-oz pot, making it an exceedingly good value.

Every dressing I have used up to this point has run, stained, attracted dirt, and completely washed off in the rain. Every time this happened, I had to completely re-scrub the surfaces with degreaser and re-apply the product, which was very time consuming. This product is different... It beads water, refuses to rinse off or show any ill effect to the wettest month I have seen in many years, fiercely repels road dirt, and can be cleaned up again with a pH-neutral automotive shampoo so that it looks like you just applied it. I completely believe the 2-month durability claim on tyres (Up to three months on trim have been reported!), and I am looking forward to not having to re-scrub the tyres and trim in a month's time when I reapply the product due to how clean this product keeps them.

I can honestly not say enough good about this product, and I give a massive amount of respect to Dodo-Juice for thinking out of the box to create a 'Tyre Wax'. Once you use it, you will not want to use anything else (Unless you like a lot more gloss.), and I can say that it has found a permanent spot in my collection of supplies.
Not a dud!
I only gave it 4 stars because Dodo Juice should have thought a bit moret how temperature really affects the consistency of this product. In warm weather, it thins out way too easily. HOWEVER, this is my favorite tire dressing as far as looks! Give a nice, fresh, matte look with little or no sheen. Darkens the tire. Makes the tire look new again. If you want sheen or gloss, this is NOT the tire dressing for you. I happen to really like the look it gives, though!!
It's like tar or mud
This product is a dud. In warm weather it gets really thin, liquid and application is a mess. Have to put it in the freezer for a while to get it to set up firm. Doesn't do much on the tire. Just a little appearance enhancement. Dodo Juice should have worked on this one a little more.