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Dodo Juice Scarlet Fever 150 ml.

Dodo Juice Scarlet Fever 150 ml.

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It's red hot!

Dodo Juice Scarlet Fever is a hybrid wax containing a fusion of carnauba and high-tech sealant technology. Dodo Juice Scarlet Fever is a wax that contains a red hue which increases color enhancement, adding warmth and a nice glow. Because Dodo Juice Scarlet Fever is a hybrid wax and is heat resistant, you can use it on a variety of different painted surfaces for added reflection, but also as a wheel sealant.

When it comes to waxes, you want it all. You want the warmth of carnauba, but the advanced technologies of a sealant. But you also don’t want to have to rewax every two months, but at the same time you want to see a great reflection and in enhance of color. That's a lot to ask of a wax! But with Dodo Juice Scarlet Fever you can get it all.

Dodo Juice Scarlet Fever is a mixture of natural carnauba wax and high-tech sealant technologies. Together these characteristics bring you great filling, gloss enhancement, water beading, longevity and more. Plus, Dodo Juice Scarlet Fever is also heat and solvent resistant with shine for days. Not only do you get the warm glow from the carnauba, but because of the hue coloring in Dodo Juice Scarlet Fever, color enhancements increase by 2-4% on a white panel. It may be harder to see on red or yellow paints, but it is still working to give you an extra burst of glow and warmth.

Dodo Juice Scarlet Fever will last on your painted surfaces for about four to six months on a daily driver. If you keep your car in a garage and only drive it occasionally or use it as a show car, then you only have to wax it once, maybe twice, a year.

Hybrid waxes are so special that they can go up against ceramic sealants and still come out on top. Unlike ceramic products, with a wax like Dodo Juice Scarlet Fever it is more filling, and it is easier to use. Plus, water beading will last longer without the need to be reapplied often.

150 ml.

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Dodo Juice Scarlet Fever 150 ml.