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12 oz. Diamondite Clear Plastic Enhancer

12 oz. Diamondite Clear Plastic Enhancer

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Make your headlights shine brighter without turning on the high beams.

Diamondite Clear Plastic Enhancer is step one in the Diamondite Clear Plastic Kit. This cleaner/polish removes fine scratches and haze from clouded plastic headlight lenses and other hard plastic surfaces. Uncover smooth, clean, clear plastics with Diamondite Clear Plastic Enhancer. Clear plastic increases the effectiveness of headlights and improves your safety.

Today’s headlight lenses are incredibly resilient against abrasion and impact. Most are made of a hard resin called polycarbonate, which is used to make bullet-proof windows, among many other consumer products. But polycarbonate isn’t invincible. Overexposure to UV rays does cause the plastic to cloud over time, which makes your vehicle look older and reduces the amount of light projected onto the road.

Diamondite Clear Plastic Enhancer is a fine grade polish and cleaner that smoothes out imperfections in polycarbonate headlight lenses and other hard plastics. Using your polisher or an electric drill, Clear Plastic Enhancer erases years of UV damage and wear from plastic. Instead of replacing clouded headlight lenses, restore them to like-new clarity with DIamondite Clear Plastic Enhancer.

This formula is designed specifically for hard, clear plastics. Because a clear surface is more likely to show marring and haze, the abrasives in DIamondite Clear Plastic Enhancer are specifically milled and blended to work quickly but gradually on clear plastic. Large, hard abrasives would inevitably scratch the plastic. Diamondite’s tiny diminishing abrasives blend away imperfections and leave the surface with little, if any, surface haze. The next step in the kit will completely eliminate haze and restore a perfect shine.

As the diminishing abrasives work, cleaners lift dirt and oil out of the damaged plastic. Debris becomes trapped in hairline scratches and makes them more noticeable. Diamondite Clear Plastic Enhancer cleans and smoothes the plastic surface to eliminate most scratches and minimize more pronounced scratches.

Use Diamondite Clear Plastic Enhancer on headlight lens covers, hard plastic boat windows, acrylic, Plexiglas, and unpainted fiberglass.

Please note: Diamondite Clear Plastic Enhancer is not intended for painted plastics, vinyl-coated plastics, or soft plastics. Use Diamondite Clear Plastic Restorer, step two of the Diamondite Clear Plastic Kit, on motorcycle windscreens and vinyl convertible top windows.

The Diamondite Clear Plastic Kit is formulated to work with your electric drill or polisher and 4 inch foam pads. Diamondite Clear Plastic Restorer, in particular, will yield the best results when applied by machine.

If your vehicle’s headlight lens covers are showing their age, Diamondite Clear Plastic Enhancer removes cloudiness, fine scratches, and ground-in dirt to restore a like-new shine and smoothness to all hard, clear plastics.

  1. Use painter’s tape to mask paint around headlight lenses. Attach a 4 inch cutting pad onto an electric drill or a buffer using the appropriate backing plate.
  2. Apply an X of Diamondite Clear Plastic Enhancer™ across the pad. If you are using a drill or rotary polisher, set the maximum speed at 1800 OPM. If using a dual action polisher, set the maximum speed at 4500 OPM.
  3. Work in an overlapping motion until cleaner breaks down into a clear film. There is no need to apply pressure to the machine.
  4. Use a soft microfiber towel to remove residue. Severely stained or scratched lenses may require a second treatment.
  5. Follow with Diamondite Clear Plastic Restorer™.
12 oz.

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12 oz. Diamondite Clear Plastic Enhancer