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Diamondite® Clear Vinyl Shield

Clear vinyl now and in the future.

Protection is the key to maintain clear vinyl windows. Diamondite Clear Vinyl Shield is a water-based polymer formula that defends vinyl against the ravages of UV rays, water, and pollution.

Diamondite Clear Vinyl Shield is a polymer sealant formulated specifically for the needs of clear vinyl. Clear vinyl does not have a top coat but it does have UV absorbers and plasticizers to keep it soft. Oil-based products actually cause the remaining plasticizers to leach out of the vinyl, and the oil leaves streaks.

Diamondite Clear Vinyl Shield is water-based to create a perfectly transparent, protective barrier between the vinyl and the environment. Specialized Polymers encapsulate the plasticizers to retain them within the vinyl and thereby maintain the vinyl’s suppleness and flexibility. This technology is proven to prevent the yellowing and cracking seen with so many vinyl boat enclosures and convertible windows.

Polymer protection is a crucial part of maintaining the vinyl because any factory protection has already diminished. Diamondite Clear Vinyl Shield works with the remaining plasticizers to preserve the vinyl’s texture. Plus, Clear Vinyl Shield restores the vinyl’s UV protection to factory levels.

Use Diamondite Clear Vinyl Shield on Jeep soft top windows, convertible top windows, and marine eisenglass to protect these surfaces from environmental degradation. The longevity of factory protection varies according to environment and use. To ensure consistent protection, start treating clear vinyl surfaces from the beginning of ownership.

If vinyl has already started to wear, use the complete Diamondite Clear Vinyl Kit to clean, restore, and protect clear vinyl surfaces.

Diamondite Clear Vinyl Shield is the key to protecting the clear vinyl surfaces on your boat, your vehicle – your investments – from aging. Enjoy clear vinyl now and in the future.

Mist the window with Diamondite Clear Vinyl Shield. Use a Cobra Microfiber Towel or applicator to spread the sealant over the vinyl. Flip the towel and buff dry. After an hour, you can apply another coat for added protection.

Reapply Clear Vinyl Shield once a month to maintain the protection and shine.

4 oz.

Save 30% when you purchase 2 refills of Diamondite Clear Vinyl Shield! See the special offer at the bottom of this page.

Diamondite® Clear Vinyl Shield

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Diamondite® Clear Vinyl Shield