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Diamondite® Clear Vinyl Cleanser

Diamondite® Clear Vinyl Cleanser

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The most gentle cream cleanser for vinyl windows and eisenglass.

Diamondite Clear Vinyl Cleanser is a nonabrasive cream that gently removes vinyl haze and cloudiness from convertible top windows, boat windows, and Jeep® soft-tops. This is the second step and most crucial step of the Diamondite Clear Vinyl Kit.

Vinyl damage is often two-fold: it clouds and turns yellow. Even after Clear Vinyl Stain Reducer has removed discoloration, the vinyl may not be optically clear. That’s the job of Diamondite Clear Vinyl Cleanser. This nonabrasive cleanser gently polishes the vinyl to remove the remaining haze and restore the crystal clear visibility. Fine scratches will disappear, leaving smooth, clear vinyl once again.

Our chemist took the basic principle of a fine paint cleanser and built a formula that is exceedingly safe on soft vinyl. Like a fine prewax cleansing lotion, DIamondite Clear Vinyl Cleanser cleans and brightens the surface, removing oils, dirt and oxidation to reveal clean, clear, like-new vinyl. This formula cleans without stripping the plasticizers and softening agents that keep the vinyl supple.

Diamondite Clear Vinyl Cleanser works well to remove haze from marine eisenglass, too. Even haze caused by salt spray can be removed in many cases, or greatly improved.

Restore vinyl windows on Jeeps, convertibles, and boats with the safest vinyl cleanser and restorer you can buy. Diamondite Clear Vinyl Cleanser works like a gentle clarifying lotion to remove cloudiness and restore the transparency to clear vinyl.

Note: Clear Vinyl does not have a top coat. Factory-injected UV absorbers are already diminished or completely gone if your vinyl windows are yellow and clouded. After using Diamondite Clear Vinyl Cleanser, always follow up with Diamondite Clear Vinyl Shield to restore a high level of polymer protection to the vinyl and to preserve the clarity you’ve achieved.

By drill:
  1. Dispense an X of Clear Vinyl Cleanser across an orange light cutting pad on your electric drill or buffer.
  2. Place the pad against the vinyl and gradually increase the speed 1800 RPM. Work in an overlapping motion over a small area. When the polish starts to dry, turn the drill off and lift it off the vinyl.
  3. Wipe off all residue with a microfiber towel. Continue polishing until you’ve completed the entire window.
By hand:
  1. Apply a quarter size amount of Diamondite Clear Vinyl Cleanser to a foam applicator pad, such as the Tri-color applicator included in the Diamondite Clear Vinyl Kit for Hand Application. (If using this applicator, use the white polishing foam.) Rub back and forth until the cleanser begins to dry.
  2. Buff the vinyl clean with a soft, clean Cobra Microfiber Towel.
  3. Apply a coat of Diamondite Clear Vinyl Shield to seal in the clear shine.
4 oz.

Save 30% when you purchase 2 refills of Diamondite Clear Vinyl Cleanser! See the special offer at the bottom of this page.

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Diamondite® Clear Vinyl Cleanser