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Motorcycle Detailing Tools

Motorcycle Detailing ToolsTools of the Trade

Whatever the detailing task – we have the right tool to get the job done. Whether your washing, drying, polishing, waxing – the proper tools can make detailing simpler, more effective and less time consuming. With so many detailing aides available, the choices can be mind-boggling. We’ve compiled a broad spectrum of our favorite detailing tools to help you get the most out of your time pampering your motorcycle – so you can spend more time riding!

Microfiber Towels:

These are some of the best and most innovative man-made cleaning aides we have come across. Microfiber consists of a combination of polyester and polyamide. They are ultra-fine (softer than silk), extremely gentle, super strong (will survive over 500 washings), and incredibly absorbent. For more on the benefits of microfiber see our article “Learn About Microfiber”. All of our microfiber towels and applicators are made of the highest quality, finest denier microfiber available. It is our belief that no detailing kit is complete without at least one microfiber towel or applicator to its credit – and once you’ve used microfiber, we are certain you’ll agree.

For starters try: Cobra Guzzler Combo Kit. It includes one 16 x 24 inch Cobra waffle weave microfiber towel and one 20 x 40 inch, extra large Cobra waffle weave microfiber towel. These are perfect for use all over your motorcycle. Try them for drying, cleaning, waxing and polishing. You won’t believe the results!

If you’re already familiar with the benefits of microfiber – or just want to dive right into the microfiber madness sweeping the detailing industry, go for The Total Towel Kit. Buy this one and you won’t need to purchase another towel for quite a while. That’s because these towels are super long wearing. Wash and re-use over and over again! You’ll run out of tasks before you run out of towels!

Machine Drying

Nothing gets a motorcycle dry as well as compressed air. The Metro Motorcycle Air Force Blaster is our favorite! It comes with enough attachments to see you through any job you can think of, and dries lightening fast! Built to dry motorcycles, the Air Force Blaster pushes out an impressive peak 4.0 horsepower, jetting air at 29,000 ft. per minute. Get even the smallest nooks and crannies dry.

Bugs and Tar

Bugs are tar are easy to remove with the Pinnacle Safe Scrub Bug & Tar Pad. The amazing honeycomb design lifts sticky grime off paint, plastics, and metal. Store it on board for those extended road trips or long weekends. Get the bugs and tar before they get your finish!


The best applicators will get the work done in half the time, using less cleaning agents and keeping messes at a minimum. Try the Mega Applicator Kit. The kit has a wide variety of applicators for waxes, polishes, and tires.


You must get into the tight spots for great looking motorcycle wheels, and the EZ Detail Brush will not only extend your reach, but gently and effectively lift and remove grease, grime, and brake dust. Wolfgang Finger Pockets are great for getting into the tight areas around spokes and wheels areas. They are safe for all metals, paints and clear coats. They fit right onto your fingers... a perfect time-saver for polishing and buffing.


Nothing works better at spreading the suds than a Natural Sea Sponge from Pinnacle! The wash sponge grabs the bubbles, allowing you to pamper your motorcycle with a delightful foam bath! The 2-in-1 Sheepskin Wash Mitt is a dream come true! 100% natural super-soft sheepskin on one side, and a safe-for-all-surfaces nylon scrubber on the opposite side to help loosen and remove road hardened grime. If the scrubber side is not what you’re looking for, try the 100% Sheepskin Wash Mitt - luxuriously soft all the way around!

For the Garage

Protect your flooring and your feet with the revolutionary Park Smart Motorcycle Garage Mat. This mat catches drips from the bike and helps keep your garage and your home cleaner.

As technology changes and new products come to us, we’ll update this list. So keep checking for additional tips and new information on our favorite detailing tools!
Mega Applicator Combo Kit
Our Price:  $67.34
Sale price:  $37.99
9 Reviews
Cobra Microfiber Applicator Pads
Our Price: $3.99
11 Reviews
Cotton Detailing Sticks
Our Price: $5.99
4 Reviews
Microfiber Super Kit By Cobra - <font color=red>Free Bonus!</font>
Our Price:  $74.94
Sale price:  $49.99
1 Review
Microfiber Starter Kit By Cobra
Our Price:  $62.84
Sale price:  $39.99
7 Reviews
Microfiber Towel Combo By Cobra
Our Price:  $75.90
Sale price:  $49.99
10 Reviews
Total Microfiber Tool Kit By Cobra
Our Price:  $61.94
Sale price:  $44.99
2 Reviews
Safe Scrub Bug & Tar Pad
Our Price: $7.99
61 Reviews
Griot's G8 Mini Random Orbital Polisher
Our Price: $144.99
31 Reviews
CCS Spot Buffs 3.5 Inch Foam Pad Kit
Our Price: $49.99
8 Reviews
Metro Vac N'Blo Portable Vacuum
Our Price: $346.99
20 Reviews
Metro Master Blaster 8hp
Our Price: $483.99
27 Reviews
Metro Motorcycle Air Force Blaster
Our Price: $285.99
8 Reviews
Metro Full Size Vac N' Blo 4.0 HP Vacuum
Our Price: $439.99
16 Reviews
S100 Drying Towel
Our Price: $11.99
1 Review
EZ Detail Brush Mini
Our Price: $18.99
12 Reviews
EZ Detail Brush
Our Price: $29.99
7 Reviews
Cotton Chenille Wash Mitt
Our Price: $7.99
2 Reviews
2-in-1 Wash Mitt
Our Price: $9.99
5 Reviews
1 - Pinnacle Foam Wax Applicator
Our Price: $1.99
23 Reviews
P21S Drying Towel
Our Price: $13.99
9 Reviews
Detailing Brush Kit
Our Price: $12.99
4 Reviews
Water Sprite Plus® Chamois  4 sq. Feet
Our Price: $20.99, 2/$35.99
15 Reviews
S100 Detailing Swabs Pkg 50
Our Price: $11.99
3 Reviews
Our Price: $7.99
Mothers Wheel Brush
Our Price: $8.99
21 Reviews
Mothers Contoured Tire Brush
Our Price: $8.99
8 Reviews
Mothers Brake Dust Brush
Our Price: $6.99
2 Reviews
Mothers Detail Brush Set
Our Price: $4.99
22 Reviews
Carrand Deluxe Tire & Bumper Brush
Our Price:  $11.99
Sale price:  $6.99
2 Reviews
Spoke Wheel Brush
Our Price: $6.99
2 Reviews
Mothers PowerCone Metal Kit
Our Price:  $51.96
Sale price:  $39.99
3 Reviews
Mothers PowerCone Polishing Tool
Our Price: $35.99
2 Reviews