Detailing Steel Wool

Detailing Steel Wool

Clean and polish exhaust tips, wheels, chrome, and more with steel wool!

Detailing Steel Wool is designed and constructed specifically for automotive applications, like exhaust polishing and rust removal from chrome surfaces. When paired with your favorite metal polish, Detailing Steel Wool can cut through years of built-up dirt and grime, restoring tarnished metal surfaces to like-new condition. Detailing Steel Wool can also be used on household projects, like woodwork and furniture.

If you're a professional detailer, chances are pretty good you've come across exhaust tips that look like they have never been cleaned or polished. Using a metal polish alone isn't always enough - you need something like steel wool to provide the additional scrubbing and polishing power necessary to cut through years of dirt, grime, soot, and carbon build up.

Detailing Steel Wool is available in two grades:
000 Extra Fine is designed for heavy-duty metal polishing. Plan on performing a second polishing step to remove micro-fine scratches created by the steel wool.

0000 Super Fine is the more popular of the two grades. 0000 steel wool works great for polishing exhaust tips, removing light rust from chrome, and more. Be sure to pair 0000 steel wool with a high-quality metal polish, like Optimum Metal Polish. This combination will make tarnished metal surfaces look better than new.

Supercharge your favorite metal polish by using it in conjunction with Detailing Steel Wool!