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Deep Reach Wire Wheel Brushes

Deep Reach Wire Wheel Brushes The right brushes make wheel work quick and easy.

These brushes were designed for reaching between spokes and around rims to remove baked on brake dust, caked on road grime, grease, oil and anything else that wheels collect from the road. Without the proper tools, wheel care is a bear. These cone-shaped brushes easily address the intricacies of all models and sizes of wheels and spokes, no matter how uniquely shaped, making upkeep easier than ever.

Appropriate tools greatly reduce the time it takes to tackle any job. Don’t wrestle with the wrong brush or cloth—it will only frustrate you! Your results will be much more satisfying when you utilize a tool that’s made for the task. These wheel brushes have stiff, yet non-scratching bristles to remove offensive dirt and grime. When choosing a wheel cleaning product, keep in mind that today’s best products are powerful, yet environmentally safe. I recommend DP Gel Wheel Cleaner for a harmless but potent product. Some companies are manufacturing double-duty products that effectively and safely dissolve dirt and grime on both wheel and tires, eliminating the necessity of purchasing separate products. Wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner is a great choice if you wish to go that route.

The 11" Wire Wheel Brush is sized for wheels with smaller slot openings such as BBS or mesh wire wheels. The cone shaped tip is an excellent tool for reaching into intricately patterned wheels.

The 16" Wire Wheel Brush is intended for larger slot openings allowing more wheel surface to be cleaned with each stroke. The 3" bristles are durable, yet gentle, specifically manufactured to resist deterioration from wheel cleaning chemicals.

Save money by purchasing the pair. Have both on hand for all family cars and motorcycles.
16 Inch Wire Wheel Brush
Our Price: $9.99
9 Reviews
11 Inch Wire Wheel Brush
Our Price: $7.99
2 Reviews
16 Inch & 11 Inch Wire Wheel Brushes
Our Price: $15.99
7 Reviews

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