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Dr. Beasley's Nano-Resin Pro Kit

Graded for over 9 years of protection!

The Nano-Resin Pro Kit contains every product you will need to apply Nano-Resin Pro, the astoundingly impressive ceramic coating created by Dr. Beasley’s. Nano-Resin Pro is one of the most high-tech ceramic coatings that is available for purchase by enthusiasts. The Paint Coating Prep that comes in this kit will not only clean your paint, but will also provide anchor points for the Nano-Resin. The Foam Block Applicator and the Suede Cloths were specially designed to be used together to ensure the coating is applied thinly and evenly. Nano-Resin Pro has some of the most advance chemical technologies that are used in modern ceramic coatings, and some of those technologies are unique to this specific coating. This will be one of the most outstanding ceramic coatings you will ever use, and this kit will give you everything you need to apply it!

Dr. Beasley's Nano-Resin Pro Kit includes:

Nano-Resin Pro
This unique ceramic coating was formulated specially to do something that most other coatings on the market aren’t capable of, flexing. Most ceramic coatings are rigid and will not flex or conform to the shape of the surface its applied on. This means that as your panels bend and warp slightly, as they will do while driving, the coating will gradually separate from the surface or even crack. Nano-Resin Pro is flexible enough to bend and warp WITH your paint panels to prevent any risk of cracks or breaks in your coating. Nano-Resin Pro also boasts a duration of more than 9 years and superhydrophobicity that almost makes water leap off your paint.

Paint Coating Prep
This paint prep was formulated to not only clean the residues and oils off your paint to ensure that the surface is ready for a ceramic coating, but it also creates anchor points that take the bonding strength of the Nano-Resin Pro coating to the next level.

Foam Block Applicator
These applicators provide a sturdy and pliable base that will ensure that the Nano-Resin Pro is applied thinly and evenly.

Suede Cloths
These cloths are incredible soft to apply Nano-Resin Pro without marring the surface of your paint in the process. The nap on the cloths is shallow enough to ensure that the coating is kept on the surface of the towel to ensure the coating is applied properly and that the coating is used as efficiently as possible.

This pipette will allow you to portion out the perfect amount of Nano-Resin Pro for an ideal application.

Kit includes:
1x 1-oz. Nano-Resin-Pro
1x 2-oz. Paint Coating Prep
1x Foam Block Applicator
2x Suede Cloths
1x Pipette

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Dr. Beasley's Nano-Resin Pro Kit

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Dr. Beasley's Nano-Resin Pro Kit