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> Custom Japanese License Plate

Custom Japanese License Plate

Custom Japanese License Plate

Authentic-looking Japan style custom license plates for your vehicle!

Our replica Custom Japanese license plate, will add a touch of Japanese influence to your vehicle. Maybe you have a Honda or a Toyota and you'd like to give it an air of authenticity. The Custom Japanese license plate, with real embossed lettering, is as close to the real thing as you can get without registering your car in Japan!

These Custom Japanese license plates, identical to government issued plates straight out of Japan, have a set of three Japanese characters across the top with up to two numbers appearing next to them; and five numbers or letters in a larger size across the bottom of the plate. Plates can be ordered as random or custom design. Japanese plates are a great addition to Japanese-made cars.
Plates display embossed black characters and border with a white reflective background. Plate measures 6.5" X 13". These license plates are not pre-drilled with any holes.

Japanese license plates are stamped just like real government-issue plates.

Each plate is embossed, just like a real government-issued plate.

Choose one of the following...

RANDOM: Choose a “random” plate, and a computer automatically generates a Japanese style plate that exactly replicates a genuine Government-sanctioned license plate with letters, numbers and characters assigned at random. Order your random plate in the gray order box below.

CUSTOM: Custom Japanese plates allow you to designate the two upper numbers and up to five characters across the bottom for a personalized vanity plate from Japan! Please specify how you would like your plate to appear in the designated boxes of your order form below. Allow two weeks for delivery with custom plates.

Dimensions: 13 x 6.5 inches (a standard U.S. license plate is 12 inches wide)

Custom plates ship from the manufacturer via ground service. Expedited and international shipping are not available on license plates.

Note: The letters A M Q W count as 2 spaces.