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Covercraft Qwik Cover™ for Topless Jeeps®

Covercraft Qwik Cover™ for Topless Jeeps® Easy protection for topless Jeeps!

The Qwik Cover™ provides a quick and easy protection option for topless Jeep Wranglers. During the spring and summer, you can quickly protect the interior from moisture, bugs, and debris without replacing the Jeep®’s top. Just pull up the Qwik Cover™ and the interior is instantly protected from the elements.

The Qwik Cover™ is a patent pending protective cover only available from Covercraft. The Qwik Cover™ fits over the entire cab of the Wrangler to protect the vehicle’s interior from dirt, bird droppings, tree sap, and UV damage. The interior stays cooler thanks to the breathability of the fabric. Heat is able to escape through the fabric. An included shock cord helps secure the cover to your Jeep®.

Plus, the Qwik Cover™ keeps your belongings out of sight. While the Qwik Cover™ is not an anti-theft device, it may deter opportunistic thieves by hiding the contents of your Jeep®.

The Covercraft Qwik Cover is available in two colors.

Choose from the Block-It 380 in taupe, or the Block-It 200 in gray.

When not in use, the Qwik Cover™ folds into its own built-in breathable storage bag. The Qwik Cover™ storage bag attaches to the stock rear window anchor bar (not included).

Qwik Covers™ are available for Jeep Wranglers made from 1992 to 2006.

The Qwik Cover folds into a built-in storage bag that can be attached to the Jeep's rear window anchor bar.
The Qwik Cover storage bag attaches to the stock rear window anchor bar.

Choose from 2 fabrics:

Block-It 380 –The Block-It 380 is a general protection fabric with an inner film barrier that provides a good balance of moisture and dust resistance, breathability and softness. The Block-It 380 has a 3 year warranty. Available in taupe.

Block-It 200 – This is a good mid-priced cover with a balance of breathability and water resistance. The Block-It 200 fabric can be used for indoor and outdoor storage and it has a 2 year warranty. Available in gray.

Please note, these fabrics are not 100% waterproof. They are highly water-resistant and breathable to allow any trapped moisture and heat to escape, thus preventing any damage to the vehicle's paint.

For topless Jeep Wranglers, Qwik Covers™ provide the easiest solution to interior protection from the elements. There’s no need to replace the top when you can just pull up the Qwik Cover™.

Please note: The Qwik Cover™ is not yet available for the four-door Wrangler.

Install the Qwik Cover in a few simple steps!

Qwik Cover installation is fast and simple. Place tabs into tracks at rear corners and pull the shock cord tight to hold the cover in place.


  1. Pull Qwik Cover out of built-in storage bag.
  2. Cover the interior and align the corner seams.
  3. Place tabs into tracks at rear corners.
  4. Adjust shock cord to help secure cover to Jeep.

Please follow this link to select your Covercraft Qwik Cover:


Prices start at $119.99.

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