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Covercraft Denim Blue Car Cover

Covercraft Denim Blue Car CoverAs beloved as your favorite pair of blue-jeans!

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Covercraft Denim Blue Car Covers are made from the classic fabric that we’ve known and loved for years. With maximum breathability and moderate UV protection, Covercraft Denim Blue Car Covers are as functional as they are stylish. Custom-fit for each vehicle ordered, the 3 layer polypropylene construction protects against pollen, moisture, mold, and grime – all with the look and feel of your favorite blue-jeans!

Who doesn’t love a good pair of jeans? Broken in in all the right place, faded just the way you want them – they can’t be beat! Covercraft decided to take that love just one step further by creating the Custom Fit Denim Blue Car Covers. Specially designed to feature that classic denim blue color, stitching, and even featuring the blue-jean classic label, the Covercraft Denim Blue Car Covers are affordable, attractive – and best of all, functional!
Featuring the classic blue-jean stitching and reinforced non-scratch grommets, the Covercraft Custom Denim Blue Car Covers are soft AND safe enough for your paint!

Covercraft Denim Blue Car Covers feature:
• Custom-Fit
• 3 Layer polypropylene construction for pollen, moisture, mold, & grime
• Soft & non-abrasive fabric for scratch-free finish
• Maximum breathability allowing condensation & moisture to escape
• Lightweight & folds easily
• Good, basic indoor and limited outdoor storage
• Excellent Value
• 2-year warranty
• Fabric is made in USA

Endura Custom Seat Covers ship directly from the manufacturer via ground service. Expedited and international shipping are not available. Additional discounts not applicable.

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