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CommuteMate CellCup Cell Phone Holder

CommuteMate CellCup Cell Phone Holder

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Keep your cell phone within easy reach in your vehicle!

Store your cell phone or MP3 player upright in your vehicle’s cup holder! The CommuteMate CellCup is an organizer for your portable devices that fits in any standard vehicle cup holder. Store pads, pens, change, and more in the CellCup.

Even with small portable devices being so popular, there has not been a good way of keeping them all organized and close at hand in a car…until now. The CommuteMate CellCup turns your vehicle’s cup holder into a media organizer with a place for your cell phone or MP3 player, headphones, and power cord.

A hole at the bottom of the cell phone compartment allows your cell phone to be plugged into the charger while it sits in the CellCup. The CellCup’s pockets restrict the movement of electronic devices to prevent them from falling out and becoming damaged in a moving car. The soft material will not scratch LED screens and it has some flexibility to hold devices of different sizes.

The CommuteMate CellCup is also a convenient place for pens, spare keys, change, notepads, and any small items that would otherwise become lost in your vehicle.

Commuters will enjoy the convenience of the CommuteMate CellCup because it keeps their electronic personal organizers and phones close at hand.

Store your portable electronics safely in the CommuteMate CellCup.

Fits in all standard cup holders.
CommuteMate CellCup Cell Phone Holder