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Coating Safety Kit

Coating Safety KitProtect your body from becoming increasingly sensitive to chemicals

You only have one set of eyes, one set of lungs, and a pair of hands that you want to keep soft and supple. Protect yourself from volatile chemicals with the Coating Safety Kit. This money-saving kit includes a 3M Particulate Respirator, 3M Virtua V4 Safety Goggles, and 20 BLACK Nitrile Gloves. Whether you have a chemical sensitivity or if you detail for a living and are repeatedly exposed to chemicals, the Coating Safety Kit is an investment that will protect your one and only body!

The more you expose yourself to the high-octane chemicals found in certain products, like paint, wheel and glass coatings, the more you risk developing a chemical sensitivity. Sure, if you only use these products a couple times a year there’s probably nothing to worry about, but if you’re exposed to it day in and day out, the probability of developing sensitivity to chemicals is very high. Protect your body with the Coating Safety Kit.

The Coating Safety Kit is designed to protect eyes, lungs, skin and clothing. Here’s how:

3M Particulate Respirator, 6 Pack
This lightweight, two-strap filtering face piece features an exhalation valve for cool comfort and an adjustable nose clip. This helps protect your lungs.

3M Virtua V4 Protective Eyewear
3M Virtua V4 Protective Eyewear is cheap insurance to protect your eyes from harsh chemical cleaners as you detail your vehicle. If not used with caution, acidic wheel cleaners, heavy-duty degreasers and other chemicals can permanently damage your vision. Wearing protective eyewear while detailing your vehicle shouldn’t be considered an option, it should be a requirement!

Black Nitrile Gloves, Pack of 20
Our Black Nitrile Gloves will give your hands all the protection they need from polishes, grease, and solvents without reducing your tactile sense. Textured Black Nitrile Detailing Gloves allow you to grasp tools and bottles securely. Perform your toughest detailing jobs. Black Nitrile Gloves are tear and puncture resistant. They work almost as hard as you do!

Kit includes:
6 Pack 3M Particulate Respirator
3M Virtua V4 Protective Eyewear
20 Pack Black Nitrile Gloves

A total retail value of $29.90. You save $4.91!


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