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Carrand 45010 Pineapple Drying Towel

Dry your car quickly and safely!

The Carrand 45010 Pineapple Drying Towel is designed to help you dry your vehicle faster than ever before. This ultra-absorbent waffle-weave towel soaks up more water than the average towel can. The lint-free Carrand 45010 Pineapple Waffle Weave Drying Towel leaves nothing behind but a streak-free shine!

Washing your vehicle is fun, drying it…not so much. Unless you consider running around the car chasing water droplets and constantly switching out soaked towels fun, that is. The Carrand 45010 Pineapple Drying Towel is here to make drying your vehicle less of a hassle. The waffle-weave design of this thirsty microfiber towel provides more absorption area than a standard flat weave microfiber towel can, so you’ll get the job one faster, with fewer towels!

The Carrand 45010 Pineapple Drying Towel is a generous 22 inches by 30 inches in size, which, when paired with absorbent microfiber material and area-increasing waffle-style weave, makes for some pretty impressive water absorption capabilities. This professional-grade drying towel is completely lint-free and actually helps you polish as you dry. Your vehicle will be squeaky clean and water spot-free when you dry it using the Carrand 45010 Pineapple Drying Towel!

22” x 30”

Carrand 45010 Pineapple Drying Towel

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Carrand 45010 Pineapple Drying Towel