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CarPro Iron X 4 Liter Refill

Remove harmful iron deposits and protect your paint!

Iron X by CarPro is an acid-free, pH-balanced iron remover that decontaminates auto paint and wheels. Iron X prevents the spread of iron-related damage to protect your vehicle from paint system failure. Your vehicle constantly faces unseen threats. Remove them with Iron X!

Airborne chemical compounds and ferrous (iron-containing) particles penetrate auto paint and create corrosive compounds that eat into the paint's sublayers. Detailing clay removes the particles but it doesn't remove their effects - corrosion may already be creeping under the paint's surface.

The only way to truly remove ferrous particles is with a dedicated iron remover like Iron X. Iron X opens up the paint's pores to release iron particles and to neutralize the caustic compounds that have developed as a result of the particle. In one step, you can eliminate the cause and its effects. Put an immediate stop to paint damage before it's too late.

Wheel before using IronX

IronX turns purple as it removes iron-containing particles.

Wheel after IronX

Iron X is excellent on automotive paint and safely cleans clear coats. Iron X is highly recommended for all clear coated alloy wheels. Brake dust and road grime become baked onto wheels. Brake dust contains high levels of iron and can quickly pit clear coated wheels. Iron X easily removes ferrous brake dust to protect your wheels from further damage. Iron X can save you the cost of replacing your factory wheels!

Note: Iron X should not be used on bare metal parts, brake calipers, wheel balancing weights, or SMART paint repairs. Mask off these areas. Avoid letting Iron X dry on any surface.

Iron X is easy to use and you can see it working! Iron X is a clear solution in the bottle but it turns purple when it comes into contact with sintered iron particles. Iron X turns the iron into a water soluble complex for easy removal. After five minutes of dwell time, wipe down the surface and rinse thoroughly. After using Iron X, you can polish and clay your vehicle as you normally would. Always apply a coat of wax or paint sealant after using Iron X.

Proper vehicle care means cleaning above and below the paint's surface. Iron X Iron Remover removes iron particles and their effects to keep the paint clean and healthy.


1. Wash the car or wheels surfaces, make sure surface is in cool temp.
2. Shake well, spray on the surface. Rub it in with damp sponge thoroughly.
Wait 5 min. while contaminants change its color to purple/red. Wipe off with damp soft sponge. Don’t let the IronX dry completely on surface!
3. Rinse well or power wash the whole surface. The vehicle is ready to clay now.

4 Liters

CarPro Iron X 4 Liter Refill

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CarPro Iron X 4 Liter Refill
5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Sure does
March 17, 2016
Smell! Honestly, other than the hair perm smell it's friggin awesome. The smell won't bring my rating down to a 4 as I'm simply judging it on the ability to clean the car. I apply it after washing the car, scrub it in then rinse it. It leaves the car with a nice smooth finish making clay barring that much easier to do. Back to the smell though, the lemon scented one is a smidgen better.

5 Stars

Simply love it
March 29, 2013
First I wash car, then spray iron-x thoroughly, right away It's very noticeable all the iron crusts bonded to paint start to fade, or melt on a way. Next step is I try to keep focused on task, even though the change of colors of this product starts to turn purple, which truly amazes me, I spread product through with sponge as directions say, then as I'm taking product off as directed with water, the water beeds off paint like no other product out there!! Really !! But be sure to wear the proper mask, especially if you are sensitive to strong smells. Tis stuff is strong ! You don't need a lot, but can't be cheap with it, either. Not to say, chrome will look new with this . Buy it! Just make sure to wear a mask and gloves through this process. I just ordered my second 4 liter, hopefully will be here soon ! Thanks AG!!