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> > > CarPro Essence Xtreme Gloss Enhancer 250 ml

CarPro Essence Xtreme Gloss Enhancer 250 ml

The most advanced all-in-one product you’ve ever used!

CarPro Essence Xtreme Gloss Enhancer is the future of all-in-one products. Featuring a specialized blend of durable resins that produce an unparalleled gloss, nano-tech Quartz technology, and fine abrasives that break down easily, CarPro Essence Xtreme Gloss Enhancer has the power to correct, enhance, prep, and protect all in one application. Whether it’s used by hand or machine, CarPro Essence Xtreme Gloss Enhancer brings your paint to the next level.

“Life-saver” might be too strong of a phrase when talking about an all-in-one product, but “money-saver” or “time-saver” are right on the money. When detailing professionally, an all-in-one product keeps you moving while giving you impressive results that keeps customer asking for more. CarPro Essence Xtreme Gloss Enhancer embodies everything that makes up an all-in-one product – plus some extras you’re going to love.

CarPro Essence Xtreme Gloss Enhancer uses the fine abrasives manufactured into the formula to remove light swirls and scratches, while also leaving behind semi-permanent fillers to level out and perfect the finish. Instead of just creating the illusion of perfect paint, as many other all-in-one product do, CarPro Essence Xtreme Gloss Enhancer actually perfects the paint!

CarPro Essence Xtreme Gloss Enhancer produces an extremely high gloss, thanks to the combination of the same abrasives that remove imperfections as well as the durable resins included. When used with a finishing pad, CarPro Essence Xtreme Gloss Enhancer will blow you away with the amazing finish left behind.

The Sio2 Quartz protection incorporated into the CarPro Essence Xtreme Gloss Enhancer formula leaves a strong layer of protection behind, with minimal effort. However, CarPro Essence Xtreme Gloss Enhancer is the perfect prep polish when used before applying a coating of CarPro CQuartz. After being polished with CarPro Essence Xtreme Gloss Enhancer, your paint will bond quickly and effectively with CarPro CQuartz, or even CarPro Reload, creating a hard layer of protection.

CarPro Essence Xtreme Gloss Enhancer is very versatile and may have been just the product you’ve been looking for!

250 ml.

CarPro Essence Xtreme Gloss Enhancer 250 ml

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6 Reviews
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83% Recommend this product (5 of 6 responses)
Great last step before Cquartz
I did a paint correction with Meguiars M105 using a Flex 3401, and followed it with CarPro Essence Xtreme Gloss Enhancer. (Applied with Flex 3401 and Lake Country white pad.) The paint was noticeably glossier and smoother after Essence. It wipes off very easy and leaves virtually no dust.
San Diego, California
Mainly use it as a finishing polish after I've corrected the surface. OMG, AMAZING finish. This polish can also be used on its own. BEST finishing polish out there!
ProsGlossy protective
Stay away
Car-Pro has many great products. This isn't one of them.

While it does wipe off easy, it doesn't correct paint and on darker cars you can actually see discoloration from the Si02 it contains. Just creates a headache.

Use a polish/compound/AIO you already like, eraser oil and ceramic coat. This advise will save you time and money.

I used Matching Car-Pro pads and Rupes to gather these results.

ProsWipes off Easy
ConsExpensive Ineffective
Alamogordo, New Mexico
Great Product
My first testing with this product was simply a hand application, so no doubt did not reap the correcting abilities of this product. I applied by hand to an individual panel, let set up a bit, then removed. The product did work me a little bit more than most regular liquid LSPs, sort of reminded me of working with a Hand Glaze.

But it removed fully, and cleanly, and what it left behind was an absolutely pristine clean paint surface. Very impressive, and then understood how this product then works as a prep prior to using a Coating. The product mimicked a good paint cleanser at the point, and the paint looked sparkling brand new.

I noted a little "grabbiness" in feel to the paint, even when coming behind with another clean MF Towel as a final wipe, and again had the impression of a good paint cleanser. But what I also noticed when running my fingernail across the paint was a seeming rock hard shell of protection left behind.

I may be wrong, but have the impression that one could come behind with a variety of other LSPs, Detailer Sprays, and other Toppings of choice, and I chose to try both Carpro Reload, and GTechniq C2V3 as toppers. Both added more slickness of feel.

Some good weeks have gone by since, with rains, filth, road grime, washings, but still note that rock hard protective feel to the paint with a wash, thus this product surely appears to be one that also lasts very well and is durable. I've never before used an AIO that seems to protect as well, nor leave such a pristine look to the paint.

I think this product is a winner, it was basically tested and used to protect my daily driver through the winter months where upkeep becomes harder to do. Next time, and as the weather warms some, I definitely want to try this product with my DA Machine, and a soft Finishing Pad.
ProsDoes what it says and claims, best AIO product I've ever used.
land o lakes, fl.
excellent surface prep for coatings and other lsp's
excellent surface prep for coatings and other lsp's. i have used this as a surface prep for coatings and sealants with outstanding results. it not only polishes the surface, but fills and leaves a light quartz type coating behind with outstanding shine. easy to apply and remove. i believe it will make an excellent stand alone product too as an aio. this is money well spent.
Prosgreat polish with filling ability and base for coatings and other lsp's. very nice shine even great as an aio easy to apply and remove
Consa little expensive, but worth it.