Cargo Liners.

Cargo Liners.

To all parents, grandparents, truck owners, pet owners, outdoor lovers, sportsmen, athletes, road warriors and anyone who puts groceries in their car, van or SUV:

Why cargo liners aren’t standard equipment in all new vehicles is beyond me, but thankfully, they are available, aftermarket, and can be custom-fitted to protect any size trunk from mud, chemicals, spills, or sharp objects. Our cargo liners are premium quality and designed with a three-inch lip to contain any kind of mess. They are easy to clean, and the non-skid material keeps cargo in place for preventative measures. (If you like this idea, check out our rugged floor mats to protect your vulnerable carpets from dirt, wear and tear.)

The organizers we stock are priceless, especially if you’re a neat and tidy person, or if you lead an active lifestyle. You can store all of your gear, detailing supplies, change of wardrobe, emergency supplies, or whatever it is that you find necessary to transport, in an organized, orderly fashion.

In mine you’ll find a good book or two, an old pair of tennis shoes, a corkscrew, a blanket, Lexol Wipes, binoculars, film for my 35mm, a few maps, a tape measure, a baseball hat, a football, a flashlight, some microfiber towels, glass cleaner, Wolfgang Instant Sealant Spritz, the Water Sprite Plus, a toothbrush and toothpaste, a few fireworks, and a set of plastic martini glasses because you can’t be too prepared.

What’s in your trunk?