Covercraft Carhartt PrecisionFit

Covercraft Carhartt PrecisionFit

You won't have to worry about your seats ever again!

Covercraft Carhartt PrecisionFit seat covers are exactly like the name implies—precision fit. The Carhartt PrecisionFit seat covers protect seats from sun, dirt, and workweek abuse while giving you comfort and ease of mind! The Carhartt PrecisionFIt is a more permanent solution to your seat cover dilemma and will leave your vehicle looking fresh, uniform, and impressive.

The Covercraft Carhartt PrecisionFit seat covers are easy to clean, great for kids and pets, durable, and come with a foam backing for added comfort. Each Carhartt PrecisionFit seat cover is customized for your individual seats with a heavy-duty material that is water-resistant, UV protected, and made to an exact fit. They even come with headrests, armrests, and console covers! Your vehicle will be covered to the max in Carhartt protection!

Tough, durable fabric to keep your seats protected!

Don't forget about the special features and safety built-ins that come with the Carhartt PrecisionFit! Each front seat cover includes a pocket on the back for extra storage for all passengers. And there are special hidden tear-away sections included for air-bag safety to keep you and your passengers protected. Ride in style with the classic Carhartt designs of the PrecisionFit with their signature Duck Fabric and double stitched seams! Carhartt® has been known for their tough, rugged quality since 1889. Hamilton C. Carhartt®, known as "Ham", started his company in the harsh times of steel and locomotives. His motto was "Honest value for an honest dollar" and that's exactly what you'll get with these legendary Carhartt® Seat Covers. When it comes to protecting your vehicle's seats from the damaging effects of water, mud, grease, oil, food, and dirt, Carhartt® fabric is the protection you'll love. Tough as nails, these covers are finely crafted and sewn from the firm-hand Carhartt® duck weave fabric and double stitched at the main seams.

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