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Car Brite Black Pearl #1 Heavy Compound

Great for body shop use!

Black Pearl #1 was developed by Car Brite as step one in a 5-step process to take paint from trashy to classy. Black Pearl #1 is the first step in this process and was formulated to be able to remove deep scratches, heavy oxidation, and up to 1000 grit sanding marks. Black Pearl #1 leaves very little residue in its wake, making clean-up extremely easy. Black Pearl #1 was created with efficiency in mind; to this end, only a very small amount of product is needed to achieve the desired results, preventing pad saturation. Black Pearl #1 is formulated with an acrylic emulsion that is compatible with the urethane and polyurethane clearcoats often found on cars today. Black Pearl #1 contains aluminum oxide, one of the best types of abrasive available on the market today, to ensure an even, swirl-free finish. Black Pearl #1 also contains no silicones in its formula to ensure that it will not cause “fish eye” on freshly applied paint.

Product Features:
• Removes up to 1000 grit sanding marks
• Silicone-free
• Urethane and polyurethane clearcoat compatible

Whether you work in a body shop or if you are just somebody trying to renovate their old and beat-up ’72 Mustang, you will need to be able to generate quite a lot of correction power to be able to get the job down correctly. Many compounds on the market today are designed to be used by consumers whose cars are not in that bad of shape. As such, these compounds are generally unable to provide you with the heavy level of correction potential you need out of your compound. Black Pearl #1 is a very heavy-duty compound that is graded to remove deep scratches, heavy oxidation, and 1000 grit sanding marks.

1. Apply small amount of product directly on painted surface.
2. While product is wet, buff a 2' x 2' area with high speed buffer (1800 rpm, or less) and cutting pad. Keep pad flat on painted surface and buff until product dry, applying light, even pressure. Clean pad regularly with pad spur.
3. Remove residue with clean, soft cloth.

32 oz.

Car Brite Black Pearl #1 Heavy Compound

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Car Brite Black Pearl #1 Heavy Compound