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Car Brite 20/20 Perfect Vision 128 oz.

Car Brite 20/20 Perfect Vision 128 oz.Provides a perfect, streak-free finish!

20/20 Perfect Vision will allow you to achieve that crystal-clear glass finish that ensure you never have to worry about road visibility while you’re driving. 20/20 Perfect Vision will tackle a wide range of surface contaminants that accumulate on your glass surfaces. 20/20 Perfect Vision uses cleaning agents that will make quick work of all smoke, traffic film, bugs, oil, and vinyl fog. You won’t have to worry about fiddling with concentration and dilution ratios when using 20/20 Perfect Vision. 20/20 Perfect Vision comes ready-to-use out of the bottle, letting you achieve impeccably clear glass as soon as possible. If you have tinted windows, you can use 20/20 Perfect Vision without fear of damaging your tint. 20/20 Perfect Vision has an ammonia-free formulation that will always leave a streak-free finish on any glass surface without damaging it at all. You can also use 20/20 Perfect Vision to clean your favorite chrome surfaces as well.

Product Features:
• Water-based solution
• Ready-to-use
• Ammonia-free
• Removes smoke, film, bugs, oil, and fog
• fCan be used on glass and chrome surfaces

Your glass at the top of the list of important surfaces to keep properly cleaned and cared for. If your glass is not cleaned properly, it increases the risk of an accident due to reduced visibility. 20/20 Perfect Vision will allow you to keep your glass crystal-clear to maximize both the look and functionality of your glass!

Mist 20/20 Perfect Vision directly onto the glass surface you are cleaning. Use a microfiber towel to agitate the product on the surface. Wipe the surface clean using a separate microfiber towel.

128 oz.