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> > > Car Brite Metallic Fallout Remover 128 oz.

Car Brite Metallic Fallout Remover 128 oz.

Expedites your decontamination process!

Car Brite Metallic Fallout Remover was formulated with a carefully calculated density of Oxalic Acid that will chemically eliminate the metallic fallout that your painted surfaces are frequently subjected to during day to day operation and exposure. Car Brite Metallic Fallout Remover will make quick and effective work of rail dust, factory fallout, and highway contamination that becomes attached to your paint and imbeds itself in your painted surfaces as you’re driving down the road. The effectiveness with which Car Brite Metallic Fallout Remover remove metallic contaminants will greatly reduce the need for a physical decontamination step, such as claying your paint, by eliminating the majority of the contaminants chemically. Car Brite Metallic Fallout Remover also remove the need to fiddle with proportioners and dilution processes because it comes as a ready to use product, saving you time during your detailing routine.

Product Features:
• Ready-to-use
• Contains Oxalic Acid
• Simple application process

Decontaminating and remove the metallic fallout from your car’s paint is a crucial step in a standard detailing process. If these contaminants are left to sit on your paint, they will greatly impact the gloss of your paint, dulling your car’s paint. Car Brite Metallic Fallout Remover allows you to remove this fallout and contamination with great effectiveness thanks to the Oxalic Acid contained in its formula.

1. Remove grease, tar & wax from area with body prep solvent.
2. Thoroughly wash area with car soap solution.
3. Rinse thoroughly and, while surface still wet, liberally apply product with an applicator pad.
4. Allow product to dwell on surface for 3 - 5 minutes, misting it continually with water. DO NOT ALLOW TO DRY ON SURFACE.
5. Lightly rub surface with sponge to loosen particles.
6. Rinse thoroughly, re-apply car soap solution,and re-rinse.
7. Once all particles removed, seal paint with wax or sealant.

128 oz.

Car Brite Metallic Fallout Remover 128 oz.

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Car Brite Metallic Fallout Remover 128 oz.