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> Car Brite Bumper Kote

Car Brite Bumper Kote

Car Brite Bumper KoteKeeps your bumpers and trim looking better than new!

Car Brite Bumper Kote will restore your old and faded bumpers and trim to better than new condition. The polymers used in the formulation for Car Brite Bumper Kote are specially designed to rejuvenate your trim pieces and provide them with a durable layer of protection afterwards. Car Brite Bumper Kote will provide your trim pieces with an incredible level of gloss that is certain to improve the overall look of your vehicle by a large degree. Car Brite Bumper Kote was designed to ensure that only a very small amount of product was necessary to achieve total trim protection and shine. In fact, once you have applied enough product to the applicator to ensure saturation, you will be able to apply Car Brite Bumper Kote to all of your trim without having to apply more product to the pad. Car Brite Bumper Kote also carries with it a very pleasing banana scent that will leave your trim smell as great as it looks.

Product Features:
• Restores faded bumpers and trim
• Provides deep gloss
• Banana scent

If you are a detailing professional or even if you are just an enthusiast, you know how noticeable faded and dull trim and bumper are and how much they can distract from an otherwise great looking car. Trimming tends to fade out and dry out due to the extreme sun exposure it is forced to endure. Car Brite Bumper Kote will prevent this issue with your rubber by rejuvenating trim that is already faded and properly protecting it from the harmful elements to which it will be subjected.

1. Apply product to clean applicator pad.
2. Spread product evenly over bumpers and trim.
3. Wipe dry with clean, lint-free cloth.


32 oz.