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Car Brite Aero Glass Cleaner

Car Brite Aero Glass CleanerEnsures a quick and easy application process!

Aero Glass Cleaner will improve the speed and efficiency of your glass cleaning routine drastically. The aerosol formulation allows you to apply Aero Glass Cleaner to your glass surfaces with great consistency to achieve the greatest results possible. Aero Glass Cleaner applies in a dense, white foam that will allow the product to cling to the surface longer than standard glass cleaners, maximizing the cleaning potential. Aero Glass Cleaner was formulated using special alcohol and grease-cutting cleaner agents that will allow you to remove smoke and traffic film from your glass in a quick and effective manner. You will be able to clean a variety of stubborn contaminants from your glass surfaces using Aero Glass Cleaner. Whether it be dirt, bugs, smoker’s haze, vinyl fog, or road grime, Aero Glass Cleaner will be able to tackle it with ease. Aero Glass Cleaner is not formulated using methylene chloride like other aerosol products, making it perfectly user friendly. The ammonia-free formula of Aero Glass Cleaner will ensure that your tinted windows are not damaged in the process of cleaning them. The pleasant spearmint fragrance of Aero Glass Cleaner will make sure your glass cleaning routine that much more enjoyable. You can also use Aero Glass Cleaner to clean your chrome surfaces as well.

Product Features:
• Aerosol formulation
• No methylene Chloride, ensuring user friendliness
• Heavy foaming action clings to the surface to maximize cleaning potential

In order to ensure that your car is as safe and as beautiful as possible, you need to ensure that your glass in paid just as much attention as the rest of the car. Streaked and dirty glass reduces your visibility while driving which can increase your risk of an accident dramatically. Aero Glass Cleaner eliminates this risk by properly cleaning your glass surfaces and leaving behind a perfectly streak-free finish.

Spray Aero Glass Cleaner directly onto the surface of your glass. Agitate the surface using a clean microfiber towel. Wipe the glass surface clean with a separate microfiber towel.

19 oz.